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Holidaying with a BABY | Tips & Advice

Home sweet home...currently sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself because I have a cold! Hubby goes back to work tomorrow so what better time than now to write up my holiday post with tips and advice on traveling with a baby. As an Eid gift for myself and my little bub, hubby booked us a 5 day trip to Istanbul literally 2 days after Eid. Safe to say we left packing to the last minute and I was panicking that we would forget something. Thanks to some of my Instagram followers I got some great tips on packing and traveling with a baby. My daughter is now 14 months old so all the tips are more geared toward this age group. It's definitely totally different traveling with a baby compared to traveling alone or as a couple. My best advice would be to just take it easy. I wanted to do so many things each day but we mostly managed to just do one thing each day before we all got super tired. Don't overstretch yourself, plan things but keep in mind you probably won't be