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Spiritual | Welcome Ramadan

It’s been confirmed that Ramadan will start tomorrow night (first fast on Thursday). Im excited for Ramadan this year as with every year because Allah knows how much I need the spiritual uplift to kickstart me into good habits again. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t quite apprehensive as well this year. 

Last year was my first Ramadan with a newborn, this year it’s with a teething, fussy eating, tantrum throwing 1 year old (whoever said newborns are hard work lied, it gets harder as they start to understand more, test their boundaries more and start to move around more). I spent the whole day cleaning and doing laundry so it’s one less thing to do as we go into Ramadan. 

My goals this year are pretty basic, to pray on time every time, recite as much Quran as possible, to only expose my daughter to Islamically beneficial entertainment (songs, books, toys & cartoons) and to practice patience (any parents of babies/toddlers will tell you how patience wears thin). I kept it simple but realistic and achievable, anything more I got out of this month will be a bonus and I won’t be disappointed if I find I can’t do as much as I have been able to do in the past.

I won’t be able to go to the mosque for taraweeh because I have a baby, but I’m hoping I don’t miss out on the spiritual benefits of this month, I pray it doesn’t just pass me by and I can make the most of it.

To all my readers...Ramadan Kareem x

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