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Beauty Review | Eyebrow Tint - Maybelline vs Revolution

I'm one of those lazy people that would rather have a few more minutes of sleep than wake up and do my makeup before work, so now that I'm a mum I'm even less likely to be found wearing makeup. Sometimes I want to make an effort to look more human and less zombie and so I was on the look out for something that will make my makeup routine a little bit quicker and easier, I was super excited to try out the eyebrow tints that have recently come on the market.

As you can see my eyebrows are sort of grey, very light and sparse, I don't pluck/thread my eyebrows so I tend to fill them in with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in dark brown if I just want a light filling in and a nice shape. If I want proper fleeky brows for full makeup days I'd use the DipBrow Pomade in Chocolate as well and then conceal around to cover the hairs around the shape I created.

First the Maybelline Tattoo Brow came out, the hefty £12.99 price tag didn't even put me off, I was determined to try this thing out. You apply it to your brows in the shape that you want, leave on for 20 mins to 2 hours and then peel off. It comes in 3 colours, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. There's no way to really trial these things out in terms of which colour to go for so I went for dark brown as I used dark brown brow wiz, that's the logical thing to do right?

Well turns I out I probably should have gone for a slightly lighter colour because I looked pretty ridiculous after I peeled it off...apologies for the poor lighting in the pictures below.

So they came out a bit too dark and the colour was much warmer and orange/brown than I had expected, maybe because I got the wrong colour, I looked really funny for the next few days with no makeup on my face a dark eyebrows. But that wasn't the worst thing, the worst thing was that as it faded it looked ginger. To say I was disappointed in this product would be an understatement, what a waste! I'm not sure if getting a lighter colour would have helped but I wasn't planning on spending another £12.99 to try it out.

A few weeks later I was watching Saffiyah Tasneem do a live masking session on Instagram and she mentioned Makeup Revolution had brought out an eyebrow tint too. I went to Superdrug with my sister and we picked one up. This also comes in 3 colours Taupe, Medum Brown and Dark Brown. I was torn between the colour Taupe (lightest colour) and the Medium Brown because I had learnt my lesson from my previous brow tinting and made sure we didn't pick a colour too dark for our brows. We couldn't find any useful swatches online so we went for the Medium Brown.

To my surprise this brow tint only cost £5! Even if this experience was going to be terrible like my last at least it wouldn't hurt my purse as much.

I tried it on and I loved it! I kept it on for about 45mins to an hour and it was the shade that I had wanted. It's a cool toned brown, looks much more natural and fades more naturally too.

Because I don't pluck or thread my brows the way I applied it was to first draw desired shape that I wanted with an eyebrow pencil to make sure they looked the same on both sides.

I then coloured between the lines with the brow tint with the applicator provided. The product (both maybelline and revolution) are a glupey gel like texture and come with the same type of applicator, you may find it easier to apply with an angled brow brush to get a more precise application.

Wipe around the edges with a wet cotton bud (or baby wipes in my case) and leave it on for 20 mins to an hour (you can leave it on longer but I didn't want them to be super dark).

After peeling I used a spooly to brush the front part of my brows as I didn't want that part to be as dark and filled in as the rest so it looked more natural. If I was going out and wanted to cover the stray hairs I would just use a bit of concealer to do that.

After reading some reviews of the products I see that people with very light or blond eyebrows went for these products to tint their brows, unfortunately I don't think this tints the brow hairs but sort of stains the skin underneath, hence they look like they've been filled in. My eyebrow hairs are obviously dark to begin with, so I can't tell if they make the hairs darker.

Both the Maybelline and Revolution brow tints don't last super long (possibly 2 days maybe 3), so it's obviously not a long term thing, but is useful if you want to go a few days of having filled in brows.

I would definitely recommend you get the Revolution one (unless you like the ginger brow look). If you want to keep topping it up every week or every couple of days the Revolution is much more affordable too.

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