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Eid Gift Guide 2018 - Promo codes & special offers

Salaam Salaam! SubhanAllah a third of the way through Ramadan already, time really flies when you're having a good time. Before we know it all the festivities for Eid will begin. To avoid a rush in the last 10 days leading up to Eid, the stress and racking your brain trying to find gifts for everyone in this post I'll be giving you ideas for some super cool gifts. Some of the companies I mention in this post have been really kind and given me discount codes and special Eid offers to pass on to you all so that you can save some bucks (every little helps right?), some I have found by scouring the internet and others are companies I have used in the past and have loved their products/services too. All promo codes are correct and valid at time of publishing. Some promo's are expiring soon, please check the website/social media of the company to check the expiry. Categories: For the Whole Family The gifts that come in this category are universal, you can buy the

Review | My Salah Mat- Interactive Prayer Mat

Since having my daughter I'm amazed at how much children pick up from watching and following you. My daughter is only 12 months but my heart melted the day she sat on my prayer mat and went into sujood after watching my husband and I praying. My daughter doing sujood when I sat her on my prayer mat Prayer is such an integral part of our religion and is the first thing that we will be questioned about. It's what our day revolves around and is one of the things that brings us closer to Allah. This is the reason why a lot of parents encourage their children to pray from a young age. It's natural for children to imitate their parents in prayer so why not encourage that curiosity and eagerness by teaching them and guiding them to pray with this patent pending, interactive prayer mat. I've been following My Salah Mat on instagram and was intrigued by the prayer mat so I jumped at the opportunity to review it for you guys. My Salah Mat The prayer mat is made fro

Spiritual | A Test of Patience

Through our lives our imaan rises and drops, that's absolutely normal, its human. When our imaan is at a low it's natural to feel hopeless and helpless, to sometimes feel like everyone else's lives are great, they seem to have it all figured out, they don't have the struggles you have and look like they're living the life you prayed for. During these times you may feel like you are constantly making du'a and being patient but your du'as are not being answered, you're not seeing the results you hoped you would. You question your faith and wonder why Allah has deserted you. I want you to remember you are not alone, there are plenty of people who feel this way at some point in their lives. But there are things you can do to help you understand the situation you are in and help to bring you out of this feeling of despair. So why does it seem like your du'as are not getting answered and what are some practical steps you can take to increase y