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Why I quit my job..

From the moment your baby is born the pressures on new mums are immense. You get judged for everything, whether you breastfeed or formula feed, make fresh food or use packet/jar baby food, whether you give a dummy or not, you carry them too much, you're not losing weight quickly enough etc etc etc. The guilt mums have themselves is enough to drive someone crazy but add the pressures and guilt everyone else put on you it goes through the roof and you spend  your days stressing if you're doing it right. But there is no right or wrong way to be a mum, so long as your baby is healthy and happy you're doing just fine. It took me almost a year to get used to that idea so that I can confidently make decisions for my life and for my baby so that I can be content. As my baby got to 7 months old I had to start thinking about work, if I was going to return to work, if I would work part time, who would look after my baby, how I would be able to balance work and home. Before I wen

What to pack in your hospital bag

If you've read my previous posts you'll know that my daughter came 7 weeks early, which didn't give me time to pack my hospital bag. This meant that after she was born my husband had to rush home and bring me some things that I needed. Suffice to say he got me a whole bunch of random things and left me regretting not packing my hospital bag myself earlier. I would recommend packing your hospital bag as you go into the 3rd trimester and have it ready somewhere where it's easy to find in an emergency. To make your life a little easier I've created a list of all the things you may need in your hospital bag. This is for mama's having a natural delivery, for C-sections the list may differ. The things you pack will also depend on how long you stay in hospital but it's better to just pack everything than not having the things you need. Once you have been given your maternity notes by your midwife you should keep them on you at all times. This is very impor