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Life Behind The Lens

-Life Behind The Lens- Image from: Most of us these days are very up to date with social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. We watch our favourite YouTube vloggers/bloggers, keep up to date with their everyday lives via their personal social media accounts, know the names of their spouses, children and even their pets. Some of the people are not even YouTubers, just random girls we follow on Instagram because they follow us, because they post interesting or pretty pictures and sometimes just because she's really pretty. We're all guilty of it, following random people and keeping up to date with their lives while we live our own. To the outside world their lives look perfect, they're beautiful, they have a picture perfect wedding, have the perfect husband to whom they give cute nicknames, they have the perfect house, they have a car, they're the perfect parents to their perfect children, in their perf