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Beauty Review | Beauty Blender vs Artist of Make-up Beauty Buffer

Salaam alaykum sisters! Pretty much all make-up artists use beauty blenders and sponges to apply or blend make-up. I have been using 2 sponges for a little while now and thought I would do a quick review to give my verdict on which I think is the best. The first is the original beauty blender bought online from for £16 and the second is the beauty buffer from Artist of Makeup for £5.95. The pictures above show both the beauty buffer (on the left) and the original beauty blender (on the right) when wet under a running tap and the water squeezed out so they are damp making them ready to apply or blend your make-up with. When I first started using the original beauty blender I loved it, my foundation and concealer always looked amazing, it took a bit of getting used to at the beginning as I was always used to using my fingers or a buffing brush to apply my make-up. The beauty blender doubles in size when you wet it and as you bounce it on your face