Monday, 14 December 2015

Beauty Review | Beauty Blender vs Artist of Make-up Beauty Buffer

Salaam alaykum sisters!

Pretty much all make-up artists use beauty blenders and sponges to apply or blend
make-up. I have been using 2 sponges for a little while now and thought I would do a quick review to give my verdict on which I think is the best.

The first is the original beauty blender bought online from beautybay.com for £16 and the second is the beauty buffer from Artist of Makeup for £5.95.

The pictures above show both the beauty buffer (on the left) and the original beauty blender (on the right) when wet under a running tap and the water squeezed out so they are damp making them ready to apply or blend your make-up with.

When I first started using the original beauty blender I loved it, my foundation and concealer always looked amazing, it took a bit of getting used to at the beginning as I was always used to using my fingers or a buffing brush to apply my make-up. The beauty blender doubles in size when you wet it and as you bounce it on your face in a stippling motion it blends effortlessly.

A few months ago my cousin picked up the beauty buffer from the Artist of Make-up stall at the IMATS. It came in a really nice velvet pouch to keep it in. You use it in exactly the same way as the beauty blender. When I first got it I thought it wouldn't be as good as the beauty blender because I really loved my beauty blender, the way it made my make-up look and thought nothing could match up, especially not something so much cheaper.

Artist of Makeup
Straight away I could see the difference between the two sponges, the beauty buffer from Artist of Make-up felt heavier and not as spongy as the beauty blender. As you may be able to see in the pictures above the original beauty blender has more holes in it. I felt this made it soak up more product than the beauty buffer by Artist of Make-up.

After using both sponges for a good 5-6 months and I can finally say the beauty buffer by Artist of Make-up is better than the original beauty blender. Firstly it's cheaper than the original beauty blender, I feel like its better as it soaks up less product, also as the beauty buffer is more dense I feel like its easier to use, it is more bouncy which makes the stippling motion easier to do and blends with less effort, sometimes I even use the beauty buffer without wetting it and it stills works really well. I feel like my original beauty blender wont last as long and will eventually fall apart as its more spongy (it's already starting to fall apart).

One of my Instagram followers wanted to know about the difference between the pink beauty blender and the black pro beauty blender, as I don't have a black one I couldn't comment, however, after speaking to my cousin, fellow make-up enthusiast and Instagrammer *DolceNaz* I can tell you that there isn't much difference, she says although the black one feels lighter it's exactly the same as the pink one.
One thing she did tell me is the micro mini beauty blenders designed for corners of eyes and the tiny areas around your nose are better than the original beauty blender as they make your make-up look more flawless, using these mini blenders for your whole face is very time consuming but do make your make-up look amazing.

So there you have it...my verdict is that the Artist of Make-up (AOM) beauty buffer is better than the original beauty blender. It's much cheaper, economical in terms of not soaking up so much product, in my opinion easier to use and makes my make-up look more flawless than the original beauty blender.