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I Got Married!

Here's the big revelation (which is not quite a revelation if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram)...... The reason I've not posted in so long is because a lot has happened since April and to be honest it all happened so fast I just went along with the buzz until it came to a point where there was so much I wanted to tell you all I didn't know where to begin so I just left it until now.
So 7 months on and... I got engaged, got married, moved houses, went on holiday to Turkey, went back to uni, was made full time permanent at my job.... and have just been so busy trying to juggle everything that my brain hasn't stopped to just let it all sink in, still feels a bit surreal.

I guess the beginning of my fairytale started thousands of years before the sky met the sea, the man I now call my husband was written in my fate for me, I pray that this story will transcend time and space and will carry on for eternity in Jannah.

It was such an emotional, fun filled, joyous and indescribable roller-coaster of a time, there were many ups and downs as with all weddings. They say along with moving houses, a wedding is the most stressful time of your life, I got married and moved houses so I was definitely doubly stressed.

I couldn't possibly tell you everything that happened during my wedding period as there is so much I wanted to share with you, so I decided to just share a few pictures of the occasions.

The Mehndi

I always wanted bright vibrant colours for my mehndi so we went for all the bright colours I could think of, green, pink, blue, orange, yellow....such beauty in our culture I had to incorporate it into my day.

My hijab was styled by 'headgirluk' on both occasions, such a talented lady mA, couldn't have asked for anything more.

With my beautiful bridesmaids mashaAllah!

Beautiful, exquisite cake made by 'Rohimas cakes' looked stunning!

One of the highlights of my mehndi was the sweet table and chocolate fountains provided by 'Simply Sweet Cart', the feature was loved by all the guests, young and old (=

The Wedding

26th of August 2014- A day to remember

My pen friend Samira (aka Ummah of Nour), came all the way from Austria. I first met Samira through my blog, we did an international swap together and became really good friends. I'm so glad that she came and celebrated this massive part of my life with me alhamdulillah, she's left an impression with everyone that she met and inshaAllah we will meet again.

My hijab styling was once again done by the ever so talented Humaira from Head girl UK, and my make up by 'Make up by Milfa' these two ladies made me feel a million dollars, I felt like a proper princess!

My beautiful bridesmaids

The lovely Humaira's masterpiece...have no idea how she did this, but I got to wear my hijab and all my jewellery!

HeadGirl UK

The beauty lies in the details

And there he is...le Husband.

Will never forget the words he said as he put the rings on my finger.... 'forever inshaAllah' by the will of Allah indeed.
I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing supportive family, I've not lost mine but gained another and that feeling is so precious Alhamdulillah.

I thank Allah for everything that has happened in my life so far, the good and the things I perceived as bad for everything brought me to where I am today and made me the person I have become. I ask for His forgiveness for all the wrong I have done to others and to myself. I pray that He guides the both of us and now that we have completed half our Deen puts us on the straight path to complete the other half.

I ask for you all to make du'a for me, for my husband, for my family.

So much has changed, it's been so overwhelming at times that it's brought me to tears, but by the will of Allah everything changes as we move through the journey of  life.

And that is life, a journey and we are just travellers with a story to tell.

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