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I Got Married!

Here's the big revelation (which is not quite a revelation if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram)...... The reason I've not posted in so long is because a lot has happened since April and to be honest it all happened so fast I just went along with the buzz until it came to a point where there was so much I wanted to tell you all I didn't know where to begin so I just left it until now. So 7 months on and... I got engaged, got married, moved houses, went on holiday to Turkey, went back to uni, was made full time permanent at my job.... and have just been so busy trying to juggle everything that my brain hasn't stopped to just let it all sink in, still feels a bit surreal. I guess the beginning of my fairytale started thousands of years before the sky met the sea, the man I now call my husband was written in my fate for me, I pray that this story will transcend time and space and will carry on for eternity in Jannah. It was such an emotional, fun filled, joyous a