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Review | Wardrobe of style fashionista

Salaam salaam Another review post today. So the name of the company is a bit of a mouthful but it sums up the lady behind it all. One of my readers messaged me via my Facebook page recently telling me about her idea for a new hijabi clothing business. I checked out her page (which also doubles as a blog) and loved her modest and colourful style. The sister then asked if I would review one of her dresses and how could I refuse? I said yes straight away and gave the measurements she required. A couple of weeks later I received a beautiful green tissue paper wrapped parcel (= Of course I had to rip it open and try it on! First thing I noticed was the luxurious feel of the fabric, it was silky and had a good lining which meant it didn't become static and stick to your body, I uploaded some sneak previews of the dress on Instagram (@iHijabi_blog)… Dressed up with some gold jewellery I tried it on in the kitchen on top of my PJ's as soon I opened it hehehe