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OOTD | Eid Al-Adha '13

Eid was last Tuesday so I thought I would share an outfit of the day post with you (= The dress & bangles are from shops in East London, the pink hijab from an online store which I can't remember the name of...(sorry not very helpful I know)...and the embellishment on my scarf came with a dress made by Maleka Abayaz. And that's it was your Eid?

Review | The Halal Food Festival 2013- I am a Haloodie! 3/3

Salaam all! This will probably be my final piece for my coverage of the Halal Food Festival....if you still don't know what it is or would like to know more about it please see part 1 here (click the word 'here') and part 2 here . If you're an anti halal food person or whatever, please don't waste your time commenting with your ignorant views on Muslims or halal food because they wont be published. Thank You =) Warning: This is an image heavy post. So I went to the halal food festival at the London Excel on Sunday the 29th of September, which was the last day of the 3 day event and I actually had a really good time. Now I'm not saying this because I got a press pass (because I did also purchase a ticket for my aunt) but because I honestly did really enjoy the day Alhamdulillah. This event was all over social media, the TV and posters at bus stops etc etc and created a big hype. It's the first event of its kind in the UK which drew the attention of