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Review | Liz Earl & My Skincare routine

I never used to have a proper skincare routine until recently. I have tried a million and one cleansers, exfoliaters, toners, face scrubs, face washes, face masks etc etc etc but I hadn't found something that actually worked. A couple of months ago I heard about Liz Earls hot cloth cleaner through another blogger (The beautiful Aisha Liinaa) and so I did a bit of research and read hundreds of reviews online until I finally took the plunge and bought it for myself. All of the reviews for this product whether online or in magazines were glowing, the reviews came from young women as well as older, for people with sensitive skin and those with very oily skin, they came from white women, Asian women, black women and I wondered why there was so much hype from people who use it. After trying this out for 2-3 months I know why. I have have oily skin which can sometimes get dry patches especially when the weather is colder, having oily skin meant I used to get a lot of spots/pimpl