Friday, 2 August 2013

Testing out my new camera

You may or may not know I got a Canon 600D DSLR camera a few months ago (mentioned it in an earlier post) and since then, being the keen shutterbug that I am, I've been snapping pictures of anything and everything. I am by no means a professional photographer, never studied photography or any art related subject (I'm a radiographer by profession so my background is all sciency) but I still love the arts and photography has always been something that I was really interested in.

I did photography as part of an enrichment/extra curricular activity thing during college and that too just because one of my friends wanted to do it and we thought it'd be fun, so from that I learnt the basics of using photoshop. Anyway I've captured some cool and some random things since I bought the camera and wanted to share it with you guys =D

A Daisy original- Spring 2013

A bird in flight

Hollywood meets modesty

My brother

Summer mornings

Fajr sky 25th Ramadan

Dawn- 25th Ramadan

Ramadan Moon disappearing- 2nd August at Fajr
The month of Qur'an
What did you think? InshaAllah I will share more so be prepared for more of this randomness from yours truly.

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  1. lovely photographs

    Tahira x