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Review | ZokiPins

Finally on annual leave from work so I can get on with all the posts I've been meaning to publish over the last month or so.

Today I will be reviewing a company called ZokiPins who specialise in exquisite hand crafted hijab pins. Some of you who follow me on instagram [ ihijabi_blog ] will have seen some sneak previews of the pins which I tried out on my mum (if you don't follow my instagram then you're totally missing out =P).

Firstly what I liked about the company when I opened the box is their creative way of sharing their business cards, the pins came in separate organza pouches with the business cards attached with a purple ribbon on each bag. The white and purple running colour theme gives the whole thing a sleek, sophisticated and professional look with all the finishing touches, which I absolutely adore!

The next thing  that caught my eye was the attention to detail when it came to the pins.

This Eleganza pin part of their limited edition collection demonstrates the detail in the pins perfectly .

Now some closer up pictures of the pins I was sent....

The Tibet

Fine China


My favourite pin of the three would have to be the Tibet, part of the limited edition, due to its intricate patterns and elegant style. The pins are long & sturdy, so it's not fiddly when you're trying to secure your scarf and the stopper at the end is closed off to prevent the sharp end of the pin coming through (which can be dangerous). The head of the pins are not small so if you're looking for something that is not too flashy but does add a visible statement to your scarf then these are for you.

Starting at only £3 these pins would make the ideal Eid gift for your friends and family.

Check out all of their designs on their website

And don't forget to follow them on facebook and Twitter

Use code ramadan20 at the checkout for 20% off your order to save even more money on your Eid gifts!

What do you think of these hijab pins? Let us know in a comment below.

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