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UMWS '13 - Part 1 | Fashion Show

Warning! This is an image heavy post Assalaamu alaikum! I attended one of THE most spectacular events in the Muslim woman events calender, the Urban Muslim Woman Show 2013. It promised to be one of the most glamorous events uniting successful Muslim women be they professionals, activists, bloggers/vloggers, business women, designers, make-up artists, stylists, designers, mothers, daughters or wives under one roof to celebrate womanhood and sisterhood and it didn't disappoint! The event included stalls, AMAZING speakers including Rimla Akhter and Lauren Booth, fashion shows, delicious food and was just a great evening to meet and network with this diverse and multitalented group of people. Because there is so much to talk about and I took around 600 pictures on the day I have decided to split my coverage of the event into several parts so this is part 1 I suppose I should write about the speakers and the event in general first, but I spent my 13 hour night shift last night