Friday, 3 May 2013

OOTD | 1 Dress 4 Ways

I bought this abaya from the market (which is more like a jersey maxi dress, when compared to traditional abaya's). I haven't worn it that much but because of the beige/ mocha colour it's really versatile to wear with lots of different colours and in different ways. So when i have worn it, I've been able to make a completely different outfit out of it each time (=

In this picture the flash has made the abaya/dress look grey, I have worn it with a greyish colour viscose scarf and a pair of sunglasses. Simple and not too many layers so it's great for a bit of sunshine.

Because the abaya/dress is made of jersey and is so flowy, it tends to drag down, therefore ends up being a bit too long and gives me trouble when I'm walking, so I pulled it up and wore it with a belt. In this outfit I wore it with a dark brown belt from thepoplook.com, a cardigan and zebra/cheetah print viscose scarf with hints of teal blue running through it.

This outfit is pretty similar to the last one because it's the same abaya/dress and cardigan, but this time I have paired it with a braided belt (again from thepoplook.com) and have tied it into a bow, I've also worn a floral crinkle scarf from hijab fashion shop and wrapped my hijab in a side swept, Spanish/side knot style.

I tend not to wear belts without a cardi or jacket on top when I'm outside but in this outfit I have worn the same dark brown belt from thepoplook.com and a simple emerald green jersey scarf from Inayah collection. I would probably wear it like this minus a cardi/jacket when I go to a family lunch or something

When I first thought of it I didn't imagine emerald green and this mocha colour working well together but after trying it I think they do go very nicely.

I wore a brown jacket on top of this outfit and when I buttoned up the abaya/dress looked like a long flowey maxi skirt (which, unfortunately, I don't have a full length picture of)

So that's it one abaya/dress in 4/5 ways, and these are not the only ways I can think of, I imagine one could even make it into an evening gown by adding some jewellery and a nice sheen scarf. The possibilities are endless and I'll have fun switching it up.

I hope you enjoyed this spur of the moment random post and inshaAllah if I can I shall try and do another one with a plain black abaya (=


  1. salam.
    in the very last picture of this post with the jacket on, is that the same emerald green hijab from inayah collection as the pic above it? I've been contemplating whether to get that colour in fear it might be too dull!

    1. Walaykum assalaam sister, yes it's the same scarf in the last two pictures, looks a bit different in different light. I would check out this one by hijab fashion shop, it's supposed to be similar http://www.hijabfashionshop.com/hijabshop/prod_1887900-Jersey-Hijab-Maxi-Green.html and is a lot cheaper.

    2. aw, thank you ever so much for the recommendation! although i have ordered from hijab fashion before and love her colours. But im after a more teal-green so i think the emerald green will have to do. ifyou see any similar colour elsewhere,please do let me know :)also, was the winner for the short written piece announced?

    3. Will do inshaAllah, yes it was announced on Facebook I believe and the winner was sister Maryam Iqbal

  2. Salam, Loved the style so much.

  3. Salam
    Where on earth do we find the abaya that look like maxi dress

  4. Salam

    Where on earth can I find this abaya that look like a maxi dress.

    1. Wasalaam. I bought this one from whitechapel market. You can find similar ones in markets in London as well as eBay and some Facebook pages selling abayas