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Review | Jersey Scarves Comparison

Assalaamu alaikum girls!

I posted an update on the Facebook page saying that I have accumulated over 20-30 jersey scarves and that I'm a little bit obsessed with them. I will, inshaAllah, be doing a haul video/post when I get all of my jersey scarves together but today I just wanted to give a little overview on jersey scarves and the companies I have bought/received them from.

The 2 top companies I have got jersey scarves from are Hijab Obsessions and Hijab Fashion Shop...other places I have got jersey scarves from are The Pinned veil, Noble Starz hijabs, Rabia Z, Inayah and Primark.

Jersey Scarves are made from a stretchy jersey/viscose fabric which I find really easy to wrap and drape. They range in sizes from regular to maxi, they also range in quality of fabric. You technically don't need to wear pins because the fabric doesn't slip and stays in place, but if you wanted to keep it secure you can use pins without ruining the scarf. Some of the jersey scarves can be quite thick/heavy but you can also get thinner/shorter width ones which will be significantly lighter.

For those of you wondering how you wear them, the trick is not to try to be neat with them! I think jersey scarves look best when there are irregular folds & drapes....other wise watch the 2 youtube tutorials below one which is my fav style by Amena (start at 7:07) and one by Saman.

I have majority of my jersey scarves from Hijab Obsessions and I feel like these are the best quality ones out of my collection. They do have regular size but all the ones I have are maxi size, they're all incredible quality, really soft and drape really nicely.The variety of colours & styles (shimmer, snood etc) is also amazing and I've had a lot of compliments from hijabis/non-hijabi's and even non-Muslims with the jersey hijabs from Hijab Obsessions.

Aubergine Jersey scarf from Hijab Obsessions

Shimmer Jersey Scarf from Hijab Obsessions
Jersey Snood from Hijab Obsessions
You will see all the scarves from HO in my haul video iA.

I also have quite a few from Hijab Fashion Shop, I'm not sure if they're maxi or just regular but these ones compared to the ones from Hijab Obsessions are shorter in width and thinner. So if you want a more light weight jersey scarf I would go for the ones from Hijab Fashion Shop, they're also easier to manage because there isn't so much fabric to work with.

Jersey scarf from Hijab Fashion Shop

Jersey Scarf from Hijab Fashion Shop
Cobalt blue jersey scarf by Hijab Fashion Shop, worn by my cousin
The first ever jersey hijabs I bought were from The Pinned Veil, I got a black one and a brown one to begin with, they were really nice at the beginning and did drape really well but I have found that the brown one I got from there doesn't stretch as much now and so I find it difficult to frame the scarf around my face as it doesn't fold how I would like it to. I was really pleased with the jersey scarves from the pinned veil and still wear the black one (which is in good quality after 2-3 years of wearing it), however, because I liked it so much I ordered a light grey one from them and was really disappointed, the grey one was not soft and did not drape as well, it didn't fold how I wanted it to, rustled when I moved my head and felt really bulky. When I e-mailed to ask why the fabric for the grey wasn't the same as the black & brown I was told that they're not always made from the same fabric because sometimes the same fabric is not available in that colour, so I did not buy any more from them as I felt it was a bit hit n miss.

Brown Jersey Scarf from the Pinned Veil
I have a few from Noble Starz which are customised with lace, borders and little gems, again they're not made from the really soft jersey that Hijab Obsessions use and because of the borders you can't really wrap it normally and have to style it around the borders/patterns that have been sewn/stuck on.

Jersey scarf with border from Noble Starz

Jersey Scarf from Noble Starz
I have one jersey hijab from Primark, it is nothing like the jersey hijabs from any of the hijab companies and is really quite difficult to frame your face because of the stretch of the fabric. But I do like the colour of the scarf and it is really soft so drapes very well, you have to pin this one down a lot more but it looks really nice. (Also probably the cheapest £4). I have one in beige and my cousin has one in royal blue.

Jersey Scarf from Primark

Jersey Scarf from Primark

Jersey Scarf from Primark
I have one black jersey scarf from Rabia Z and it's quite short in width, I don't wear this scarf on its own or very often because it doesn't let me create the folds and drapes as with other jersey scarves and doesn't give the coverage I require.

Rabia Z jersey scarf

Rabia Z jersey scarf
So my recommendations lie with hijab obsessions and hijab fashion shop.... the quality of the scarves really are reflected in the price so if your wondering why some of the scarves are more expensive then you have to buy it and see for yourself, you wont be disappointed.

I have a patterned jersey scarf from Hijab Obsessions which I don't wear very often because it isn't as soft as the plain ones, doesn't frame my face/ drape very nicely and I can hear it rustling when I move my head (same as some of the noble startz patterned jersey scarves and the grey pinned veil jersey scarf)

I have done reviews for most if not all of the companies mentioned so you can check them out here:

Please note: the reviews below reflect my thoughts and opinions at the time I received the scarves, this post is an update and tells you what I think after using them for a few months/years. I have also got a lot more scarves from some of these companies and all information in the reviews below is correct at the time of publishing.

The Pinned Veil

Hijab Obsessions Colourful Jersey

Rabia Z

Hijab Fashion Shop

Noble Starz

I've just ordered these two scarves from Inayah Collection so I will do a review on them once they arrive inshaAllah.


I have recieved the scarves from Inayah collection (see image above) and I wanted to update the post with my views on them....

The jersey scarves from inayah are very soft, lightweight and comfortable but I think they're overpriced for what you are getting. Apart from a label with Inayah written on it they're not that much different to the jersey scarves from Hijab Fashion Shop in terms of fabric and size (I actually think they're from the same wholesalers to be honest because of the 100% viscose label).

I paid £12.95 each (+ 3.99 p&p) and you can buy jersey scarves from Hijab Fashion Shop for around £7.50. I still like the scarves and the reason I bought them from Inyah is because I liked the shades that they had to offer, which I couldn't find on the Hijab Fashion Shop website. So if you're thinking the price for inayah's jersey scarf is because there must be something better about the quality I can assure its not, the only thing I think you are getting for the high price is the brand and I'm not really into branded stuff unless it's reflected in the quality or is something I can't get anywhere else.

So if you're looking for jersey scarves I would do a bit of shopping around to get the best product for your money.

All the opinions in the post are my own, I have not been paid or reimbursed to make any of the comments, they are my honest views on the products in order to help sisters make an informed decision about the different companies out there.

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