Friday, 19 April 2013

Giveaway | April 2013 sponsored by Hijab Fashion Shop

Assalaamu alaikum!

We've now reached just over 6000 likes on Facebook (and I'm feeling generous) so I wanted to do a giveaway to celebrate

In this giveaway you will need Like both iHijabi facebook page and Hijab Fashion Shop facebook page (If you have facebook).

You will then need to write a short piece on 'the plight of Muslims around the world and what you think we as Muslim individuals, communities and the Ummah as a whole, can do to improve the conditions of our people and our world'.  

Send this in to ihijabi@gmail.com with 'Giveaway APR 2013' written in the subject line as well as your name and location.

I wanted to do something that can get us thinking and see how we can change our communities & society in a more positive way so I do hope you guys come up with some good stuff that I can share with the world inshaAllah.

You will win any scarf of your choice from the Hijab Fashion Shop website.... http://www.hijabfashionshop.com/

DEADLNE: 27th April 2013

I look forward to all your feedback inshaAllah (=

iHijabi x

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