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April 2013 giveaway entries

Assalaamu alaikum,

I started a giveaway last week and the deadline was today so I just wanted to share all the entries with iHijabi readers because there were some really good suggestions that I think we can all benefit from.

The challenge was to write a short piece on: 'the plight of Muslims around the world and what you think we as Muslim individuals, communities and the Ummah as a whole, can do to improve the conditions of our people and our world'.  


Ambreen Ahmad

"I think the plight of muslims around the world is ignorance and due to this ignorance and negligence they have forgotten the true and real aim of this world which is to prepare well for the akhirah with our righteous deeds.The current scenario of muslim ummah can be solved by becoming more aware of our innerselves as muslims and realize our duties  and responsibilities as true muslims.The dilemma that the ummah faces currently is arrogance.As an ummah we are always letting each other down by spreading violence through sarcastic words,actions and behaviour,comparing and discriminating on the basis of wealth,social status and all other worldly possessions.I think we need to stop doing this by work collectively to hide each other's weaknesses and strengthening each other's positive capabilities to bring out the best in us as muslim ummah."

Amira Rafiq

"We live in a time where the imaan of us muslims is constantly being tested, acknowledging that every difficulty we face is a test determines whether we become successful in both this world and the hearafter. It is a sad reality that often we can forget that our faith is being tested by people surrounding us and we fall short to the tricks of the shaytaan and we let it affect our imaan. One big step towards changing and improving the condition of muslims in this world is by realising WHEN we are being tested by others around us and to to stand forth and be strong in these situations. A clear example can be shown through the very recent bombings in Boston; imeediately it was suspected to be a terrorist Muslim attack but subhanallah, the accusation was false. This should be seen as a means from Allah calling us and wanting us to become closer to him- He could have let the accusation be true and Muslims wouldve once again been labelled and been facing hardship in this world, but he wanted us his slaves to turn to him and show gratitude for the blessings he bestows us with.

Ultimately, we should always want to follow the sunnah and teachingsof our beloved Prophet PBUH. In a hadith it states that when one part of the body hurts, the whole body is in pain and such is the muslim ummah, when one believer is in hardship, the surrounding muslims should understand the pain and help the brother/sister as it linksto the hadith ' love for your brother what you love yourself' we should help out of love for one another, for Allah's sake. With these intentions insha'Allah it will become easier for us to build a strong bond amongst one another and help one another change for the betterment of this life and hereafter. Our ultimate aim should be jannah; insha'Allah."

Nura Ahmad

"To improve the plight and suffering of our global Muslim ummah, it is important we as Muslims are first educated in our deen. Alhamdullilah we have the Quran and hadith to guide us in our daily lives and behavior, and how we must treat others. I feel so many of the problems plaguing the Muslim ummah stem from lack of unity. As Muslims, we find ourselves constantly having to defend our religion and beliefs to the public, and we are being divided both by outside influences as well as from inside. As Muslims, we must support each other. In order to strengthen ourselves as believers, we must study Islam and understand it. With a deep understanding of our faith, we can then, inshallah, be the best ambassadors of our faith to the world."

Ambaur Yousaf
"In my opinion as  Muslim individuals no matter if we live in the east or the west we should strive to become the best we can be and influence others to choose the right path and in order to that we must recieve knowledge from the Quran and our Prophet Muhammed SAW's actions not Google and the inaccurate opinions of people we get nowadays that are brainwashed into our minds by society and the media. In terms of society we should be making groups and influencing muslims and non-muslims to join and share Islam together. We also should go to schools and have workshops going on worldwide to spread the message of Islam. As an ummah we should spread Islam through in lots of ways to the public, whether artisitically or politically so we can reach to all the public no matter what age, gender or religion as currently, through media we are being stereotyped and we are doing nothing about this. Our brothers and sister in Syria are suffering the result of our ignorance. This is the time to change and fly the flag of our Ummah as we come together and be one and stop living for worldly desires."

Nadiya Marintez
"1. Raise awareness 
2. Learn to be content with what you have. Encourage brothers and sisters to stop being materialistic. 3. Charity starts at home. Give to the local and needy. Maybe rent local space in your area and cook food for the homeless and poor. 
5. Be grateful. Learn to live with less than you have. Use a day in a month to spend a night on the street or help the hungry search for food. Put yourself in their shoes and you will learn that there is always someone worse off than you. 
6. Suffering is not just internal physical, it's also mental. Help brothers and sisters re unite with their faith. Praise them when they do good rather then critiquing their faults"

Maryam Iqbal

Asa, Bismillah! We need to hold on to Allah's rope (Quran and Sunnah) tightly, as we have strayed heavily away from it. It's all about moving 'Back to Basics'. Quran is a personal letter from Allah to each and everyone of us, we need to open it, read it, contemplate, ponder, teach it, and make it a part of every second of our lives! Everything will fall into place itself, inshA! We seriously need to do 'amar bil ma'aroof and nahi a'anil munkar'. We need to stand up, love our Deen, be proud of it, and lead others."

Aqeela Mahroof
"Firstly I think that the Muslim Ummah need to be confident in themselves and be proud of their Islamic identity. We need to automatically give da'wah with our personality. We need to have the optimistic attitude of "We can do this together". Others suffering are our sufferings on a humankind level. Imagine to yourself 'what if I was in this position?' 'what if that was my mother/father/brother/sister who was shot down or killed?' 'What if it was me who didn't have a house?' This would change the way we think about issues. We should then also start up organisations and take action, or even work with running organisations to actually make a difference in the society, whether it be nationally or internationally. But before doing all this remember that every action should be for the cause of Allah (swt). Make this an intention. Wake up each day with an intention to strive in the path of Allah. And He (swt) will come running to help inShaAllah. Pray for the troubled around the world and say Alhamdulillah for the blessings we have been provided with."

Shaheeda Motiwala
"Well seeing as no one saying anything I think the world needs to be taught tolerance and acceptance, the difference between culture and religion and also morals and ethics. These build emotional and mental character and would allow people to use these feelings as well as their understanding to themselves identify where they are going wrong. And honesty needs to be imbedded in one and all. The basics of being good humans that's what the world needs! Just my initial thought! I could go on forever lol" 

Safia Noreen

We need to know our history. Muslims have no idea the fascinating facts of science and Islam. Which Islam revealed 1400 years ago and science is only discovering now. We also don't know about the amazing heroes in our history because it is not taught to us. All we really know about is the prophet and key sahabah. But there are so many amazing Muslims we know nothing of.
Second we need to teach Muslims to be proud of our history. Most Muslims don't have anything to be proud of and don't know how to defend our deen. This includes hiving young Muslims yje confidence to be so proud of their history and to know it inside out. Muslims don't know their own story so how can they be expected to help anyone.
Lastly the mosques need to get more involved in this and not be just a place of prayer where people are taught the ritualistic aspect of our deen. But also reach out to young people and teach them this missing Muslim narrative. "

Umme Fatimah Qazi  
"Allah (SWT) says in surah Ra'ad part of ayah 11:
"God does not change the state of a people, unless they change their selves"
So i would like to suggest lets follow Quran and the the example of the Prophet SAW and his SAW seerah.
1. Step one firstly work on ourselves individually and try to strive of Allah's raza. According to surah Al-asr:
Work on two things.
Eeman & A'mal-e-Salayeh

2. Step two is to work with others as an ummah. Acording to Surah Al-Asr, Do two things again.
Enjoin eachother to truth and Enjoin eachother to paitience.

All muslims constitute= muslims ummah, so if each one of us focuses on ourselves firstly and then make his positive contribution to the ummah in shaa Allah condition will improve and their will be no suffering

Husna Z.A
"We should be proud to be Muslims and practice it according to the Quran and Sunnah. We shouldn't be shy in spreading awareness about the suffering Ummah around the world and the easiest way would be through Facebook, Twitter and other social medias. While we're doing that, we should make dua for them and include them in our prayers. Human value should be placed rather than just plain statistics such as what is happening in Burma, Palestine and Syria. We can also join the organizations that are fighting for their cause. If we can't volunteer, then a simple donation would mean a lot for them to help those in need. Besides that, we should also be united and be a true ummah, taking effort in understanding and accepting each others differences in backgrounds."

Nessa Uddin
"Give Dawah to friends and family, even going back to basics, talking about manners and etiquette. Explaining the beauty of Islam and how easily it can be implemented into daily lives. Explaining how the little things we take for granted- such as giving a smile, helping your partner or family member wash the dishes, comforting someone in need, things like this hold big rewards, every little counts. I can go on and on, the list is endless! x"

Farah Rehman

How to improve the condition/suffering of the Muslim Ummah through my eyes.
First and foremost the youth need to take a leap of faith (excuse the pun) and really stand up for what they believe in. Practice what they preach, do t pray your salad behind
closed doors, who are you ashamed of bro? You think your homies are going to judge you? Allow all of that and think about the One that IS judging you. We're writing our own stories, the youth have the chance to make theirs the best. Step up to the mark and own the Masajids like you own the footy fields, forget five-a-side on the pitch come pray five times five in a row, the best buzz ever. 
But on a serious not; I believe Masajids need to be more accommodating to the needs of the youth. What's the purpose of having a khutbah in a language no brother or sister is going to understand; the imaams need to reach out to the youth. The Masajids, as they were once, need to be the hub and the hub of the Muslim community. Through this will the ummah learn of the struggle if our brothers an sisters In deen around the dunya.

I will announce the winner later today or tomorrow on  facebook , a winner will be chosen at random so please stay tuned to the iHijabi facebook page

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