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Giveaway | April 2013 sponsored by Hijab Fashion Shop

Assalaamu alaikum! We've now reached just over 6000 likes on Facebook (and I'm feeling generous) so I wanted to do a giveaway to celebrate In this giveaway you will need Like both iHijabi facebook page and Hijab Fashion Shop facebook page (If you have facebook). You will then need to write a short piece on ' the plight of Muslims around the world and what you think we as Muslim individuals, communities and the Ummah as a whole, can do to improve the conditions of our people and our world '.    Send this in to with 'Giveaway APR 2013' written in the subject line as well as your name and location . I wanted to do something that can get us thinking and see how we can change our communities & society in a more positive way so I do hope you guys come up with some good stuff that I can share with the world inshaAllah. You will win any scarf of your choice from the Hijab Fashion Shop website.... http://www.hijabfashion

Review | Jersey Scarves Comparison

Assalaamu alaikum girls! I posted an update on the Facebook page saying that I have accumulated over 20-30 jersey scarves and that I'm a little bit obsessed with them. I will, inshaAllah, be doing a haul video/post when I get all of my jersey scarves together but today I just wanted to give a little overview on jersey scarves and the companies I have bought/received them from. The 2 top companies I have got jersey scarves from are Hijab Obsessions and Hijab Fashion Shop...other places I have got jersey scarves from are The Pinned veil, Noble Starz hijabs, Rabia Z, Inayah and Primark. Jersey Scarves are made from a stretchy jersey/viscose fabric which I find really easy to wrap and drape. They range in sizes from regular to maxi, they also range in quality of fabric. You technically don't need to wear pins because the fabric doesn't slip and stays in place, but if you wanted to keep it secure you can use pins without ruining the scarf. Some of the jersey scarves can

The Urban Muslim Woman Show 2013!

Saverah Events & Muslim Charity present The Urban Muslim Woman Show '13 Saturday 15th June 2013 | Novotel London West 4.30 pm onwards   The Urban Muslim Woman Show is a pioneering event that is aimed solely at promoting strong and independent female professionals, entrepreneurs, designers and students within the Muslim community.     It is a celebration of the many achievements and successes of Muslim women and aims to inspire future generations with messages of empowerment and support. One of the reasons I started up this blog was to inspire and motivate Muslim women to raise their aspirations and empower themselves in order to serve Allah, their family, their community, the world and Ummah at large the best they can. This prestigious event celebrates everything about the 21st Century Muslimah, a worshipper, a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a vital member of the Ummah! iHijabi is proud to announce we are the official bloggers f

Career woman | Job interviews and the working Muslimah

Assalaamu alaikum sisters! Today I'm doing a post on everything to do with applying for jobs, going for interviews, the dressing process as as well as a few other things. If this goes down well I might do more posts like this to do with problems you might face in the world of work and how to overcome them, I was going to include it here but the post is already becoming really long. Note: If you're a woman with a rich husband who doesn't need to work and or a man who thinks women shouldn't work then good on you but please keep those comments to yourself, jzk. My story (in a nutshe ll) I was a student at the hospital I'm currently employed in, at the end of our 3 year course they said there might be one or two vacancies for the role of a radiographer and gave the 5 students in our year that trained there, the opportunity to apply and go through the whole process, before giving two of us the job. I was nervous but I thought 'what have I got to lose