Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fashion | Dear Spring/Summer 2013...Hurry up already!

I'm getting a little bit sick of all this cold weather, it's been freezing here in the UK for a while now, it warms up for like a day trying to fool us into thinking the cold snap is over then BAM! It's cold again. I've been ill 3 times this winter and right now my whole family is sneezing/coughing/ bogey flying all over the place...ok I'm exaggerating it's not that bad but I just can't wait for the warmer weather.

I've bought some summer clothes (getting a bit ahead of myself =\ but I couldn't help it)....so I thought I would share some of the things I have bought and one thing I have been searching for high and low.

In the xmas sale I bought this dress from Jane Norman...

It's a pretty dress and the colour is lovely but it's too short! Well by an inch or so, so I decided to be clever and adjust it, I cut the straps and sewed on some more fabric to lengthen it, it comes below my ankles (or I wouldn't wear it obviously) but my tailoring is a bit tacky, which doesn't really matter to be honest because I would wear a cardigan over the top (because it's sleeveless). Anyway I think this cost me around £25 which is super duper!

I also ordered these two dresses from thepoplook.com

(I love this Malaysian website and this is my 3rd time ordering from them), apart from their shipping fees to the UK going up (drastically) I really don't have any issues with them, I love the quality of the clothes, it's modest, feminine and flattering.

I bought 2 sleeveless chiffon maxi dresses from thepoplook last summer and I really like them here is the one I wore during my holiday in Italy. I have the same in maroon.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect accordion pleat maxi skirt/dress for ages after seeing a few pictures (last summer) but I'm still in love with them and I can't find the exact one I want at a reasonable price anywhere!

Beautiful isn't it?

This is one by ASOS is £45...problem is the colour is really not one I'm fond of, price and the fact that it's out of stock!

This one by Victorias Secret £45 and a massive side slit to show your legs....no thanks!

Then I came across this...even with its £40.99 price tag I was tempted...until I read the reviews which said that for someone who is 5'8 its still far too long and a no go for petite women, so that was that.

This one on yesstyle seemed ok but the lining stops mid thigh (*sigh*) but even then I figured I could sew on some more fabric to the underlining to make it full length, only problem is I have loads of clothes that I haven't worn yet because it needs to be altered and I haven't got round to getting them to a tailor so I don't know if I will actually get this altered after I get it or will it just sit in my wardrobe?

I like this one by River Island but I'm afraid to wear jersey maxi dresses & skirts because I have a feeling they will cling to the body and be figure revealing, which is why I tend to stick to chiffon (or like chiffon) fabrics when I go for maxi dresses & skirts.

This picture of Winnie Detwa just proves that the chiffon pleat maxi skirt is a summer must have... I believe this skirt is from Mango (but is out of stock if you were going to rush over there) )=

So my hunt for the perfect pleat maxi skirt continues....

For now I will just pray for warmer weather because as much as I love layering for winter I also miss the feminine looks of spring/summer


  1. Love these looks! I'd love to try thepoplook too - the only drawback is the shipping. Maybe one day, I'll buy a lot (or as a group) to make it worthwhile. Thanks for the inspiration and links. Sarita x


  2. Asalaamu alaykum dear,
    I found this pleated maxi at Forever21! The lining does stop mid-thigh (no idea WHY so many stores are doing that these days), but it's fairly cheap and similar to what you've been looking at. :) http://www.forever21.com/UK/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=btms_skirts&ProductID=2030682286&VariantID=
    SALAAM <3

  3. What size would you recommend to order from the poplook, I'm a 10-12? I was bit unsure if I should order as the postage is a lot and if it dodnt fit or didn't like it would cost a fortune to send back. Ruby

    1. I'm a UK size 8 so I order their standard size and it fits. Most of their products have mesurements (i.e the length) and sometimes they have written (equivalent to UK size...) so I would defo check that before ordering.

      Postage is a lot so just make sure you're getting your moneys worth or do it as a group order with friends and split the shipping costs

  4. Hey i totally LOVE ur blog! I stumbled across it when i was googling hijab maxi skirt ideas! I only wear maxi dresses n skirts so i love finding new ideas! Do u have an e-mail address so i can send u some links for the pleated skirts ive found? Im using my fone at the moment and have no idea what im doing! :)

  5. http://www.boohoo.com/restofworld/skirts/maxi-skirts/icat/maxi-skirts/new-in/anthea-pleated-full-length-chiffon-maxi-skirt/invt/azz57274


    Those are the 2 I've found so far after a loooong searching period but they aren't the best colours though I guess black works well in anything. I haven't been able to find anything else suitable because of the side slits/inner lining, too long, too short etc.. sigh, trying to find modest wear in a western society can be exhausting!

  6. Thank you so much for the feedback and links everyone (=

    My e-mail address is ihijabi@gmail.com