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Review | Hijab Treasures

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This is a review of some awesome stuff I was sent from Hijab Treasures one of my favourite online stores run by an amazing sister who follows iHijabi.

I will start with some really pretty kilt pins that you can use in the same way as a brooch

Both the pins are very sturdy in terms of quality, they don't bend when you try to put them in your scarf and the stones/pearls are also high quality with good durability. My favourite one is the one with pearls because I think it looks really elegant and feminine. The stones in the pins are very sparkly and look expensive. Be careful when using one of these pins with delicate scarves because the pin is quite big it can leave a hole in your scarf or snag.

Next up are some dangly hijab pins, one in black and the other in lilac, apologies I just realised I don't have a close up of the lilac one.

Again very high quality pins which come in their own little display boxes (these went down very well at the charity event in the summer). I like the simplicity of these pins, they're not particularly sparkly which means you can wear them if you don't like a lot of bling but also if you want to add a little something to your hijab without looking ott (over the top).

I was also sent two large pin cushions...

The first pin cushion is one in the shape of an apple, I'll be honest I wasn't really wowed by this cushion when I first saw it but my mum loved it and she hung it up in her room, I took it to my room just to take some pictures for the review and realised it's actually quite handy. The pin cushion can be hung up and makes it really easy to stick your pins in and take them out when you're in a rush, you can see all your pins and pick them out easily.

The second was a cupcake shaped pin cushion in a rubber cupcake case and with beads on top, this was sent for my little cousin sister and I thought was a really cute idea, I already have a cupcake shaped pin cushion but this one is much bigger therefore allowing more pins to be put in it and is also a lot softer making it easier to stick your pins in. You have to be careful with this pin cushion because when I took it out of the wrapping, the cushion came off the cupcake case, if this happens to you, you just need to add a bit of glue to the bottom and stick it back on.

The next thing she sent was a beautiful butterfly scarf

As with all their products this scarf was really good quality and the colours are stunning. My sister wore this with a black abaya and burgundy snood and it actually looked really good, it can be worn with black to add a bit of colour to your winter wardrobe or even with pink if you pick out the colours of the patterns in the scarf.

My absolute favourite product out of all the products I was sent was a vintage pin tin, this is super cool if you need pins on the go. I used to keep extra pins in my bag during college and uni, they used to get lost in my bag and prick me when I tried to find them or get something out. This pin tin is a really good idea to store your pins in and take with you. The pin tin is available FREE for orders over £20 but is not on sale so make sure you get your friends and family together and make a purchase to get your hands on a vintage pin tin.

 Above all they provide an amazing service to all sisters from their customer service to the care they take when packaging and wrapping products to be sent. The products from Hijab Treasures would make awesome gifts because they're so beautifully packaged with love and care and look amazing. I had so much fun opening these packages!

To have a look at all the products featured in this review and other products on sale by Hijab Treasures do check out their website

and their facebook page

iHijabi readers have also been offered 15% off all items from Hijab Treasures for a limited time only so make sure you mention that you were sent from iHijabi when you make your order inshaAllah.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

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