Sunday, 13 January 2013

Confessions | Troublesome Twins and a Bossy Big Cousin

Dedicated to the twins- May Allah bless you both with the best in this life and the next =)

Yesterday my two little (now not so little) twin cousins turned 20 mashaAllah so I thought it was about time I shared a little confession about an event that took place in our childhood....yes, Tahrema you know whats coming...

I was a little rebel when I was younger and quite bossy too (all my siblings & cousins will say that I still am but don't listen to them) My cousins and I pretty much grew up together like sisters, we lived with our extended family in the same house, we went to the same school and same Islamic school.

Once after we had moved into our own separate houses we were about 6 or 7 and me and my mum were at my cousins house. My aunt has this chicken shaped egg holder and for some dumb reason I decided it would be fun to try and juggle with the eggs inside it. So we did and I dropped an egg and it cracked on the floor. The twins mum (my aunt) came into the kitchen and started shouting while Tahrema (one of the twins tried to clean it up), my aunt asked us who did it and I blamed it on Tahrema it went more like "It was Tahrema, she dropped the egg, didn't she Nazifa (the other twin)?"
Nazifa probably fearing for her life and just trying to be 'friends' with her older cousin (as you do) agreed with me and we both ended up blaming it on Tahrema and walking away.

I know it's really bad, I'm sure there are worse things that we've done but this is one you keep reminding me of Tahrema so I had to share it. I would just like to end by saying I'm sorry I was a such spoilt brat xD

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