Sunday, 20 January 2013

Review | Hijab Treasures

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This is a review of some awesome stuff I was sent from Hijab Treasures one of my favourite online stores run by an amazing sister who follows iHijabi.

I will start with some really pretty kilt pins that you can use in the same way as a brooch

Both the pins are very sturdy in terms of quality, they don't bend when you try to put them in your scarf and the stones/pearls are also high quality with good durability. My favourite one is the one with pearls because I think it looks really elegant and feminine. The stones in the pins are very sparkly and look expensive. Be careful when using one of these pins with delicate scarves because the pin is quite big it can leave a hole in your scarf or snag.

Next up are some dangly hijab pins, one in black and the other in lilac, apologies I just realised I don't have a close up of the lilac one.

Again very high quality pins which come in their own little display boxes (these went down very well at the charity event in the summer). I like the simplicity of these pins, they're not particularly sparkly which means you can wear them if you don't like a lot of bling but also if you want to add a little something to your hijab without looking ott (over the top).

I was also sent two large pin cushions...

The first pin cushion is one in the shape of an apple, I'll be honest I wasn't really wowed by this cushion when I first saw it but my mum loved it and she hung it up in her room, I took it to my room just to take some pictures for the review and realised it's actually quite handy. The pin cushion can be hung up and makes it really easy to stick your pins in and take them out when you're in a rush, you can see all your pins and pick them out easily.

The second was a cupcake shaped pin cushion in a rubber cupcake case and with beads on top, this was sent for my little cousin sister and I thought was a really cute idea, I already have a cupcake shaped pin cushion but this one is much bigger therefore allowing more pins to be put in it and is also a lot softer making it easier to stick your pins in. You have to be careful with this pin cushion because when I took it out of the wrapping, the cushion came off the cupcake case, if this happens to you, you just need to add a bit of glue to the bottom and stick it back on.

The next thing she sent was a beautiful butterfly scarf

As with all their products this scarf was really good quality and the colours are stunning. My sister wore this with a black abaya and burgundy snood and it actually looked really good, it can be worn with black to add a bit of colour to your winter wardrobe or even with pink if you pick out the colours of the patterns in the scarf.

My absolute favourite product out of all the products I was sent was a vintage pin tin, this is super cool if you need pins on the go. I used to keep extra pins in my bag during college and uni, they used to get lost in my bag and prick me when I tried to find them or get something out. This pin tin is a really good idea to store your pins in and take with you. The pin tin is available FREE for orders over £20 but is not on sale so make sure you get your friends and family together and make a purchase to get your hands on a vintage pin tin.

 Above all they provide an amazing service to all sisters from their customer service to the care they take when packaging and wrapping products to be sent. The products from Hijab Treasures would make awesome gifts because they're so beautifully packaged with love and care and look amazing. I had so much fun opening these packages!

To have a look at all the products featured in this review and other products on sale by Hijab Treasures do check out their website


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iHijabi readers have also been offered 15% off all items from Hijab Treasures for a limited time only so make sure you mention that you were sent from iHijabi when you make your order inshaAllah.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Review | Bella scarves


I was sent a lovely Silk effect lace scarf from Bella Scarves recently and have been meaning to review it ever since, finally I got my lil sis to model the scarf for me.

Bella scarves is an online company who are stockists of beautiful NEVA style scarves and other scarves. All of their scarves are elegant and feminin and majority of them look best when worn in the Turkish style as shown in a preview picture I put up on my facebook page.

The price of the hijab is quite high compared to other online stores I have previously reviewed but the quality of the hijab and the luxury brand name is probably the reason for the high price. The hijab came in amazing condition via post in a purple plastic packet and was wrapped in purple tissue paper with a little flower cutout, which when I saw it I thought would make a great gift.

I loved everything about it, especially the fact that it looked so elegant.

I do have some difficulty wrapping it because I'm not used to wearing scarves made from this material but sister saman from Saman's Makeup Hijabs did a tutorial on how you could wrap one of these scarves which I'll leave a link to at the end.

The website is very easy to navigate and the customer service from Bella scarves is one of the best.

Many bloggers/hijab gurus also love the hijabs that bella scarves stock, among them are Saman, Basma K and Aisha Amin from Malaysia.

To get your hands on some of these lovely scarves check out http://www.bellascarves.co.uk and https://www.facebook.com/BellaScarves?ref=ts&fref=ts

For a limited time only Bella Scarves has a free delivery offer for all UK purchases.

I'll leave you with Samans tutorial in which she uses the scarves stocked by Bella Scarves and I will be making a youtube video for this review to show you the scarf and tell you more about it inshaAllah....until next time ma'salaama!

Confessions | Troublesome Twins and a Bossy Big Cousin

Dedicated to the twins- May Allah bless you both with the best in this life and the next =)

Yesterday my two little (now not so little) twin cousins turned 20 mashaAllah so I thought it was about time I shared a little confession about an event that took place in our childhood....yes, Tahrema you know whats coming...

I was a little rebel when I was younger and quite bossy too (all my siblings & cousins will say that I still am but don't listen to them) My cousins and I pretty much grew up together like sisters, we lived with our extended family in the same house, we went to the same school and same Islamic school.

Once after we had moved into our own separate houses we were about 6 or 7 and me and my mum were at my cousins house. My aunt has this chicken shaped egg holder and for some dumb reason I decided it would be fun to try and juggle with the eggs inside it. So we did and I dropped an egg and it cracked on the floor. The twins mum (my aunt) came into the kitchen and started shouting while Tahrema (one of the twins tried to clean it up), my aunt asked us who did it and I blamed it on Tahrema it went more like "It was Tahrema, she dropped the egg, didn't she Nazifa (the other twin)?"
Nazifa probably fearing for her life and just trying to be 'friends' with her older cousin (as you do) agreed with me and we both ended up blaming it on Tahrema and walking away.

I know it's really bad, I'm sure there are worse things that we've done but this is one you keep reminding me of Tahrema so I had to share it. I would just like to end by saying I'm sorry I was a such spoilt brat xD

#ChildhoodMemories #Confessions

Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Years...looking back at 2012

We're like almost a week into 2013 and I'm sitting here reminiscing 2012 =\

2012 was actually a really good year for me, I wrote a post a while back saying that I was quite anxious about all the changes that were to take place that year, alhamdulillah everything went well (with a lot of hard work, struggle and faith mind you). Right now I'm feeling so grateful about everything in my life so far. So what were my highlights of last year? Among them would be going for Umrah in April, going on holiday to Italy in the summer, one of the best Ramadhan's to date, finishing Uni, getting a job and everything in between alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah!

So 2013 and I feel like I've done a lot of growing up, learnt so much about life, about people, about the things are and how to deal with them. It's not always good, most of the things I have learnt the hard way, but everything happens for the best and the fact that I'm still alive means it's made me stronger.

Work is good I guess but who likes work anyway? Actually I lie, I like my job because I do feel like I'm doing something worthwhile and it's nice speaking to and meeting different people everyday, but the early starts are not so great and sometimes it just gets really stressful and it really tests my patience, inshaAllah it's a good thing and will improve my character and teach me sabr I hope. 4 months in and I feel more settled into the job, I mean it's pretty much the same thing as being a student radiographer without someone watching over you and you actually having more responsibility than before. At least I get treated like an adult now, it's funny how the way people treat you changes when your status in the work place changes. I have some ambitions with regards to my career but for the time being I just want to gain some experience and train in some specialities to learn as much as possible.

Just as soon as I settled into a routine and got used to all the changes that took place last year, my parents started the 'hunt' to find me husband =\ It's all very strange having to think about how life is going to change even more all over again, but again alhamdulillah we'll see what happens.

I have my graduation ceremony in a couple of weeks (like which dumb university has graduation 6 months after everyone has finished uni? My uni apparently), I'm looking forward to it for my parents more than anything, they're so proud to have been able to get me through uni and I kind of did it all for them, I reckon my dad has been looking forward to my graduation pretty much my whole life so I hope it goes well inshaAllah. I'm kind of freaking out though, I hate attention any sort of attention, I'm scared about having to go up on stage in front of so many people, I'm really worried about the whole shaking hands thing, our uni is pretty rubbish on updating us about what the plan is and how things are supposed to be. I mean if it's shaking hands with a female then its all well and good, but what if it's a male, how am I supposed to reject a hand shake on stage in front of so many people? It's hard enough when it's not so public.

I made resolution to think more positive this year inshaAllah & to improve my outlook on life and it's challenges I hope I stick to it iA. Apart from that, unlike this time last year, I don't have anything planned except for graduation so I will take each day as it comes and embrace all the moments Allah has planned for me. I'd love to go on holiday again but to somewhere like Thailand or Malaysia they seem like very interesting countries to explore, it's unlikely that I'll go, but hey a girl can dream (=

You're probably thinking why this post is related so much to my worldly life and why I haven't mentioned any deen related resolutions, the new year just like birthdays and other annual events are not such a big deal for me but just gives me a chance to reflect on the previous year and think about the year after. I usually make resolutions relating to my practise of Islam in Ramadhan and actually renew those resolutions, make new ones, try to improve everyday alhamdulillah hence not so much mention of all that here.

Anyway that was just an update on my life. I hope last year was a good year for you inshaAllah and I pray that this year has better things in store for you. May Allah bless you with the best in your every endeavour! Remember me in your du'as and I'll leave you with a random assortment of pictures of some of 2012's highlights (=

iHijabi x

My Year in Pictures

Madinah- Masjid-un-Nabi- April 2012

Makkah Ka'ba- April 2012

Last day on placement- May 2012

Goodbye card from my uni friend- May 2012

Finished with the books!- May 2012

Family day out to margate seaside- Summer 2012

Reminiscing/missing Saudi- Summer 2012

Family BBQ's- Summer 2012

In Venice Italy- July 2012

My lil bro's present from Italy

Standing at the top of Romeo's castle Italy- Summer 2012

My gorgeous niece Italy- Summer 2012

In Venice, Italy- Summer 2012

My vacation to Italy- Summer 2012

Taraweeh at the mosque- Ramadhan 2012

Eid-ul-fitr- August 2012
Al-Maghrib Fiqh of Love course- Dec 2012

Going to the Al-Maghrib course with my cousin- Dec 2012

Being bored at work- Dec 2012