Sunday, 25 November 2012

Confessions | The worst start to the week

Monday morning you'd think I'd be more prepared but typical me...I wasn't. I woke up late and rushed out of bed, got ready and had 15 minutes to get to work...it takes me exactly 15 minutes to walk to work every day. So it's quarter to nine and I rush out of the house, my sister left 5 minutes before me to get to the bus stop for school.

As I speed walk down the road I see her still walking, it rained the night before so the ground and the leaves are still a bit wet, she was walking in a funny way and as I walked behind her I was laughing. I caught up with her and we both briskly walked in the same direction, I asked 'why you walking like that?' She replies 'Like what?' So I decide to show her how she's walking and my first step lands in something that looks like mud but could be the thing we all dread....dog poo!

I try to scrape it off as I walk not knowing whether its mud or what.

I finally get into work 5 minutes to get into my uniform and out to work, out of breath, sweating, still rushing...then I wondered what it was I stepped in on my way into work, pick up my shoe and nearly throw up....it was definitely dog poop! Feel like gagging as I write this now *shiver*

I know I had to clean the shoe and couldn't just leave it till later so I try to scrape it off with a wad of tissues, but its stuck in all the little grooves...damn it! Luckily there was no one else in the changing room so I had to take it to the sink and wash it. It was sOOOOoooo DISGUSTING I'm telling you, I must have spent 10 minutes washing it all off the bottom of my shoe...thank God no one walked in, then I had to put the (now clean but soggy) shoe on to get to my locker and put my clothes away.

I got to my locker took the things I need out of my bag and realised that there was a rotten pear in my bag (it was probably there for like 2 weeks)....not only that it had split and gone over all the contents in my bag, including my jeans and wallet and everything...10 past 9....already late....just great!

I text my cousin what happened and she told me to share the story on iHijabi and write.....'I stepped in dog poo....and the moral of the story? It was Allah teaching me to look down when I walk'....or not make fun of my sister xD

Hope you all had a better week than I did lol

iHijabi xx

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  1. That was one exhausting morning for sure!

    Hahahaha... actually I should refrain from laughing. This always happens to me:o( Even when I dnt laugh at someone else, one way or another the same if not something else will happen.. hehehe

    Thank you for sharing.. X
    Insha Allah this Monday (tomorrow) you get a better start..