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Review | Islamic Jewels

Assalaamu alaikum!

Hope you're all in the best of health and imaan, today I'm writing a review on some stunning hijab accessories by Islamic jewels.

Before I start I'd like to ask you to read the disclaimer and then start reading this post. (in other words: no haram police comments without getting your facts straght first, thank you very much)

So lets begin...

Islamic Jewels is a company based in Trinidad & Tobago who also ship worldwide (yaay for online shoppaholics!). I'll be honest I'm always a bit skeptical when doing online shopping with companies that are not based in the UK or USA, I'm not sure why but I'm always a bit more careful when parting with my money, so reading reviews by people who have bought from them or have dealt with them always help. InshaAllah this review will help reassure you if you're thinking about purchasing from them.

Islamic Jewels contacted me and told me a bit about their company, from their very first e-mail I knew they were a company that was trustworthy because I was spoken to in a sincere, polite & friendly manner (what more could you want?). I had a look through their website and facebook page and really liked the look of their products. The pictures of sisters wearing the different pieces they had bought from Islamic Jewels really helped get my head around how it would look when worn. After looking them up I agreed to a review so that I could tell all of you lovely ladies about this amazing little company (you know, sharing is caring and all).

All the pieces are designed and handmade by Islamic Jewels, and trust me when I tell you, they are really good quality (what do you expect when they use the finest quality swarovski crystal hey?). All the stones, metal, chain & pins are of very high quality which you can tell by just looking at them and picking them up. They are all very sturdy and unlike some other pins these ones don't bend when they are put under a little bit of force, which is good.

The shipping to the UK usually takes about 10 days but in rare occasions can take up to 25 days, mine arrived within the 10 day period (apologies, I can't remember exactly what day they arrived). I was sent 3 items from their collections

1)Gold plated Charm Scarf Chain-
This Charm Scarf Chain is made using Indicolite AB Swarovski Crystals and flower charms.

2)Gold plated Glitz Dangle Pin-
A stunning Gold plated piece adorned with a Swarovski Rhinestone in the centre & delicate Rhinestone Crystal Chain

3)Silver plated Glitz Chain Pin-
Silver plated Chain adorned with Light Rose Swarovski Crystal drops.

Below are different ways you can wear the pins...I can think of so many creative ways to wear these accessories, can't wait to wear them for Eid (=

The Islamic Jewels website is easy to navigate and making an order is very simple and safe. The packaging everything came in was sleek, sophisticated and very professional looking, this would make the perfect gift.

If you like what you see and would like to check out some more stunning hijab accessories by Hijab Jewels head on over to their website: or their facebook page: Place your orders now so they arrive in time for Eid (=

Happy shopping =D

iHijabi x

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