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Review | Islamic Jewels

Assalaamu alaikum! Hope you're all in the best of health and imaan, today I'm writing a review on some stunning hijab accessories by Islamic jewels. Before I start I'd like to ask you to read the disclaimer and then start reading this post. (in other words: no haram police comments without getting your facts straght first, thank you very much) So lets begin... Islamic Jewels is a company based in Trinidad & Tobago who also ship worldwide (yaay for online shoppaholics!). I'll be honest I'm always a bit skeptical when doing online shopping with companies that are not based in the UK or USA, I'm not sure why but I'm always a bit more careful when parting with my money, so reading reviews by people who have bought from them or have dealt with them always help. InshaAllah this review will help reassure you if you're thinking about purchasing from them. Islamic Jewels contacted me and told me a bit about their company, from their very first e-