Saturday, 29 September 2012

Confessions | The case of the missing crocs

If you've been in a hospital you'll see (clinical) staff wearing crocs (they're easy to clean if you get blood and other patient juice on them =S) or it might just be in the hospital I work at.

These are my crocs, don't get me wrong I think they're really ugly and wouldn't be caught dead wearing them outside the hospital but for work they're comfy and are what's required especially if you're in the operating theatre.

So the other day I went to the prayer room in a rush during my break to pray Dhuhr, I quickly slipped off the crocs and put them on the floor near the shoe rack. The entrance, wudhu room & shoe rack is for both brothers and sisters and you have to walk through the mens section to get to the women's, which is behind a curtain. (but we're not complaining, hey a prayer room is better than no prayer room)

I prayed and heard people walking in and out of the wudhu room and after I finished I got up to leave, I could hear people talking near the entrance so I waited for brothers to leave before I got up and went to the door and shoe rack....I went to put on my shoes and I couldn't find my crocs!

I looked on the shoe rack, under the shoe rack, under a chair by the door, everywhere, with a million thoughts running through my head 'Where could they be?' 'Has someone mistakenly taken them?' 'How am I going to walk through the hospital and back to my department with no shoes?'

Then I see the door open and a doctor from intensive care enters, then there's me still looking for my crocs like a mad woman, so much for trying to avoid brothers whilst leaving. He says 'salaam' and goes to take his shoes off so I walk into the wudhu room to give him some 'space'... lo and behold there are my crocs!

Turns out someone must have thought they they were wudhu slippers and wore them to make wudhu -__- lol

I think from now on I will put them on the shoe rack.

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  1. Hihi so funny,
    I've have them too for walking in my garden :-)

    XO Arezu