Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bad hijab day

Recently I've been having bad hijab days, like for a month or so, I don't know why I just can't get the scarf to look how I want it to. I have to wear a plain hijab to work so I end up wearing a shayla that came with an abaya I bought because it doesn't look puffy. Another problem is I have to tuck it into my uniform when I'm at work so I cant do all the folds and stuff, same problem when its under the collar of my coat/jacket.

Sometimes I'm running late for work just because I spent longer than anticipated trying to get the scarf right, I look at myself in the mirror before I leave the house and it still doesn't look right so I just say 'argh it'll have to do' and leave, everytime I catch my reflection I keep pulling it and re-pinning it throughout the day...*sigh* it's exhausting!

I went to the shop today and again felt like my scarf just didn't look right, the way I wrap it just makes my face shape look odd, my cheeks look like they're being pushed forward, the way I tie my hair makes the shape of the scarf look odd at the back etc etc, maybe I'm doing it too tight? Or maybe I need to stop over analysing it?

I know you're thinking 'you write a blog about hijab and different ways to wear it, so how can you be having problems with it?' but truth is I tend to just do the ordinary 'long side short side wrap around once' style because it's easiest. And yes hijabi bloggers have bad hijab days too.

Do you have bad hijab days? How do you get over them?


  1. Salaams! Totally relate to this post! And when I ask my sister 'how does it look?' She thinks I'm just being silly!

  2. I will overcome this with a syria hijab. Just don it n GO. Tip is to always standby syria hijab (plain coloured) to match.

  3. Everyone had those days sometimes :-)
    Love my Irani Maghneh, i put in on an it looks
    good most of the time.

    XO arezu

  4. I get bad hijab days as I'm usually late for work so don't have time to spend on making it look too neat. One way I get around this is wearing scarves that don't need to be ironed which you can just pull out from wherever!

  5. well most of the time it looks perfectly fine to everyone else and we are just simply being over critical. ive had this problem alot but now ive found different ways to wrap my hijab to suit different occaisions

  6. Most of time when it is a "bad hijab day" I use a Syrian Hijab or a two piece hijab and it is fine ^^

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