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Autumn Closet Modest Fashion Inspo

Frozen Fall by Nizaad photography Salaam girls, I'm ill and in bed so as I have a bit of time on my hands, I thought I would do a quick post showing you some things that are out at the moment (or will be soon) from online Islamic companies which I think would be great for Autumn, as well as some Autumn looks rocked by some awesome online bloggers/vloggers. Cardigans & blazers are a perfect to layer on top of your clothes without looking too bulky. Tie back Cardigan- SHUKR Kimono Cardigan- The Blazer style cardigan- Dark colours like navy and burgundy (dark red) are lovely autumn colours Dress & whole outfit by Inayah Collection As the weather gets colder swap the chiffon for jersey & layer to keep warm Dress & Kaftan - Hijab Obsessions Autumn/Winter Hijabs & Jilbabs- Islamic Libas Plain hijabs are sure to be making a come back this Autumn as summer florals fade, so be sure to g

Review | Zama Designs- Wall Art

 " Al-Qaw i - The Possessor of All Strength, Al-Qawi. Allah is very Gracious and Kind to His slaves. He provides provisions for whomever He wills for He alone is all strong, the Almighty. Ash-Shura 42:19" Assalaamu alaikum readers..... Today I'm doing a review on a company called Zama Designs where I bought my wall art from. I recently painted my room and it looked a bit plain, I have a painting I did which is hanging above my bed (see picture below) but the wall I painted a dark plum/aubergine colour looked too plain and overpowering so I needed something to break up the colour. I had thought about and looked at wall art calligraphy online in the past but it seemed too expensive and I didn't really look too much into how it all works. But after painting my room (and getting a job) I came across some of these companies on my news feed on Facebook and looked into it again, this time seriously considering purchasing one for myself. I searched a few diffe

Review | Strictly Hijabz

Assalaamu alaikum sisters (= Wow subhanAllah been such a long time since I blogged...lots going on at the moment which is why I've been a bit AWOL, inshaAllah I will update you guys soon =D So I recently came across a new hijab company on Facebook through a friend of mine and they kindly sent me 2 scarves to write a review check out their page just click here Todays model is my little neighbour Zara, mashAllah she did a great job smiling and making these lovely hijabs look extra pretty (= I was sent a scarf from their medium section and one from their maxi section. First up the maxi hijab! 'Black Lace' Width: 104cm, Length: 192cm I love the print on this hijab, the lace effect print is very elegant/vintage while the polka dots add youthfulness and give it a playful look. As you can see the hijab is slightly sheer so you will need to fold it and once you've wrapped it you will be completely covered. The size of the hijab allows generous c