Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bad hijab day

Recently I've been having bad hijab days, like for a month or so, I don't know why I just can't get the scarf to look how I want it to. I have to wear a plain hijab to work so I end up wearing a shayla that came with an abaya I bought because it doesn't look puffy. Another problem is I have to tuck it into my uniform when I'm at work so I cant do all the folds and stuff, same problem when its under the collar of my coat/jacket.

Sometimes I'm running late for work just because I spent longer than anticipated trying to get the scarf right, I look at myself in the mirror before I leave the house and it still doesn't look right so I just say 'argh it'll have to do' and leave, everytime I catch my reflection I keep pulling it and re-pinning it throughout the day...*sigh* it's exhausting!

I went to the shop today and again felt like my scarf just didn't look right, the way I wrap it just makes my face shape look odd, my cheeks look like they're being pushed forward, the way I tie my hair makes the shape of the scarf look odd at the back etc etc, maybe I'm doing it too tight? Or maybe I need to stop over analysing it?

I know you're thinking 'you write a blog about hijab and different ways to wear it, so how can you be having problems with it?' but truth is I tend to just do the ordinary 'long side short side wrap around once' style because it's easiest. And yes hijabi bloggers have bad hijab days too.

Do you have bad hijab days? How do you get over them?

Confessions | The case of the missing crocs

If you've been in a hospital you'll see (clinical) staff wearing crocs (they're easy to clean if you get blood and other patient juice on them =S) or it might just be in the hospital I work at.

These are my crocs, don't get me wrong I think they're really ugly and wouldn't be caught dead wearing them outside the hospital but for work they're comfy and are what's required especially if you're in the operating theatre.

So the other day I went to the prayer room in a rush during my break to pray Dhuhr, I quickly slipped off the crocs and put them on the floor near the shoe rack. The entrance, wudhu room & shoe rack is for both brothers and sisters and you have to walk through the mens section to get to the women's, which is behind a curtain. (but we're not complaining, hey a prayer room is better than no prayer room)

I prayed and heard people walking in and out of the wudhu room and after I finished I got up to leave, I could hear people talking near the entrance so I waited for brothers to leave before I got up and went to the door and shoe rack....I went to put on my shoes and I couldn't find my crocs!

I looked on the shoe rack, under the shoe rack, under a chair by the door, everywhere, with a million thoughts running through my head 'Where could they be?' 'Has someone mistakenly taken them?' 'How am I going to walk through the hospital and back to my department with no shoes?'

Then I see the door open and a doctor from intensive care enters, then there's me still looking for my crocs like a mad woman, so much for trying to avoid brothers whilst leaving. He says 'salaam' and goes to take his shoes off so I walk into the wudhu room to give him some 'space'... lo and behold there are my crocs!

Turns out someone must have thought they they were wudhu slippers and wore them to make wudhu -__- lol

I think from now on I will put them on the shoe rack.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Autumn Closet Modest Fashion Inspo

Frozen Fall by Nizaad photography
Salaam girls,

I'm ill and in bed so as I have a bit of time on my hands, I thought I would do a quick post showing you some things that are out at the moment (or will be soon) from online Islamic companies which I think would be great for Autumn, as well as some Autumn looks rocked by some awesome online bloggers/vloggers.

Cardigans & blazers are a perfect to layer on top of your clothes without looking too bulky.

Tie back Cardigan- SHUKR

Kimono Cardigan- The poplook.com

Blazer style cardigan- Thepoplook.com

Dark colours like navy and burgundy (dark red) are lovely autumn colours

Dress & whole outfit by Inayah Collection

As the weather gets colder swap the chiffon for jersey & layer to keep warm

Dress & Kaftan - Hijab Obsessions

Autumn/Winter Hijabs & Jilbabs- Islamic Libas

Plain hijabs are sure to be making a come back this Autumn as summer florals fade, so be sure to grab yourself some in this seasons autumn colours (Burgundy, Dark green, Taupe, Grey, Brown).

Hijabs- Saman Make-up Hijabs

Whether you want to wear it on your head or around your neck for extra warmth, snoods are a very effortlessly, trendy way to help you do just that.

Jersey Snood- Hijab Obsessions

Now for some style inspiration from the online bloggers/vloggers

First up the lovely ladies from Hijablicious

[Photo credit: Hijablicious]

Love the layering, the boots, the cardi...just basically love their style mA

Next up Imaan & Beauty's very own Sister D

[Photo Credit: Imaan & Beauty]

I especially love how she just effortlessly has the brightly coloured scarf around her neck adding a pop of colour to her outfit.

And finally, beautiful style ideas from Beautiful Hayaa

[Photo Credit: Beautiful Hayaa]

3 different looks for different occasions but all just as elegant and sophisticated.

So I hope this post has given you a few ideas for your Autumn wardrobe and has inspired you to welcome the colder weather rather than miss the summer.

Till next time...Au revoir!

[Note: All images belong to the people and companies linked to in the article, unlinked images are from google]

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Review | Zama Designs- Wall Art

 "Al-Qawi- The Possessor of All Strength, Al-Qawi. Allah is very Gracious and Kind to His slaves. He provides provisions for whomever He wills for He alone is all strong, the Almighty. Ash-Shura 42:19"

Assalaamu alaikum readers.....

Today I'm doing a review on a company called Zama Designs where I bought my wall art from.

I recently painted my room and it looked a bit plain, I have a painting I did which is hanging above my bed (see picture below) but the wall I painted a dark plum/aubergine colour looked too plain and overpowering so I needed something to break up the colour.

I had thought about and looked at wall art calligraphy online in the past but it seemed too expensive and I didn't really look too much into how it all works. But after painting my room (and getting a job) I came across some of these companies on my news feed on Facebook and looked into it again, this time seriously considering purchasing one for myself. I searched a few different wall art sticker companies until I came across Zama designs, they had lots of reviews from customers on their facebook page and even had pictures of the actual pieces in people's houses which reassured me that they were a company I could trust.

So I looked through the gallery with my mum, all I knew at the time was that I wanted it in white to contrast against the dark purple and I wanted it to be quite big because my wall is quite big. I ended up choosing this design....(it was REALLY hard to choose just one design because they are all so awesome!)

I ordered a large size (30" x 40") which cost $59.99 Canadian dollars and a further $14 on top of that for p&p which is around £44 (GBP) it was a lot of money and the prices vary between designs and the sizes, but I was sure that it was what I wanted so I paid through paypal and waited.....

13 days after I paid it arrived (YAAAAY!)

I saw on their website a page about how to apply the sticker on your wall, it seemed quite straight forward, but my only problem was the wall I wanted to position it on is really high up so I had to stand on a ladder and put it up.


To be completely honest I did have a few problems putting it up, I tried their masking tape method but my tape wasn't strong enough to keep the whole thing up. I managed to slowly take the backing off and then I put the sticker on the wall with the sticky back plastic on the front. As I peeled the top sticky back plastic off I realised the sticker stuck to the plastic more than it did to the wall so it was a mission trying to keep everything in position, peel the plastic with one hand and try to smooth the sticker down on the wall with the other. Alhamdulillah I managed but it took much longer and much more effort than I had first thought it would, so maybe this is a two man job.

Right now (a couple of hours after putting it up) I'm really happy with my purchase and the way it looks on the wall, my only concern is a small part of it not stuck down properly (it wont fall off but its bugging me because I can tell it's not sticking down) and a few small errors which occurred whilst applying it (which you can't actually see unless you take a ladder and go really close to it anyway).

It looks just how it looks in their pictures and even looks like I painted it on the wall myself.

So overall I would give this company and the product a 9/10, what I think can be improved are maybe a different way of packing the product (because it comes rolled up which makes it have lots of bubbles and doesn't sit flat) and also making the sticky part that sticks on the wall more sticky so it easily transfers onto the wall rather than just sticking to the plastic transfer. The prices are high but worth it if you know you'll have it up for a long time.

I would definitely recommend this company and product to everyone because they are reliable and the quality of the product is very good.

They have quite a few different designs and can even custom make you a design or size to suit you.

So that's it from me (= Thank you Zama Desigin for this awesome wall art mashaAllah.

To check out their facebook page just click https://www.facebook.com/ZamaDesigns

For their website click http://zamadesigns.com

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Review | Strictly Hijabz

Assalaamu alaikum sisters (=

Wow subhanAllah been such a long time since I blogged...lots going on at the moment which is why I've been a bit AWOL, inshaAllah I will update you guys soon =D

So I recently came across a new hijab company on Facebook through a friend of mine and they kindly sent me 2 scarves to write a review on...to check out their page just click here

Todays model is my little neighbour Zara, mashAllah she did a great job smiling and making these lovely hijabs look extra pretty (=

I was sent a scarf from their medium section and one from their maxi section.

First up the maxi hijab! 'Black Lace'

Width: 104cm, Length: 192cm

I love the print on this hijab, the lace effect print is very elegant/vintage while the polka dots add youthfulness and give it a playful look. As you can see the hijab is slightly sheer so you will need to fold it and once you've wrapped it you will be completely covered. The size of the hijab allows generous coverage and there is more than enough fabric to create lots of folds and volume. At times I did feel the width of the hijab was a little over generous as I don't like creating lots of folds on my head, but you can always fold the entire hijab in half or even fold it to turn it into a square scarf if you prefer.

The meduim hijab...'Vintage Rose (Grey)'

Width: 78cm, Length: 180cm

I'm totally in love with this hijab, so much so that it has become my 'go to' scarf of the summer. Majority of the scarves I have seen on the market online and offline these days are maxi scarves and I was beginning to miss my regular sized hijabs, I started to forget how easy and comfortable they are to wear. If you don't want to do anything fancy with your hijab and just need something to put on, drape round and dash out the door then this hijab is for you! It's completely opaque and I have worn it without an underscarf on days it's been really hot and it hasn't been a problem, enough coverage, will allow you to create some volume but obviously not as much as your maxi hijabs. The pattern is lovely, its a very English summer, little women, delicate, victorian'esque' look, which I adore!

There are a few different colours in this scarf and I chose this one because I thought the colours worked really well together. This hijab is much softer than the maxi hijab above and a lot more comfortable to wear.

At the moment the range of hijabs on the page is fairly small but they are a new company so inshaAllah they will be getting new things in the future. They are also selling hijab accessories like this vintage pearl hijab accessory which I think would look stunning for bridal wear, it has two long pins on either end of the chain which you simple weave in and out of your scarf and underscarf.

Strictly hijabz are only selling to UK customers at the moment and for customers in West London (or willing to travel to West London) you can arrange to view the hijabs that you want as well as arrange a pick up, which will save you money on postage & packaging.

I never directly spoke to the owners of the company but from feedback from other customers on their facebook page it looks like their customer service isn't too bad either.

You can place your order through facebook or even via whatsapp on 07949922738 or via e-mail strictly-hijabz@hotmail.co.uk

You can pay via paypal or bank transfer and hey presto! (=

So thats it for now, I wish the company loads of success, inshaAllah we will be seeing more new and exciting products from them.

Strictly Hijabz

Wassalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!