Monday, 6 August 2012

Spiritual | What are you waiting for?

Stop waiting,
For that eureka moment, or a burst of inspiration
And just begin.
You will never attain perfection,
It is your intention & excellence that will win.

It is an illusion
That age or circumstance
Will bring things into place,
Money is not the solution to all of your problems,
Neither culture, nor your race.

The path you choose today,
The one you decide to walk upon
Will not only have your footsteps,
Mothers of the believers,
Determined and strong,
Have also taken this journey
Thy faced obstacles in their time,
Yet despite the trials they were given
Its their Lord they turned to
To keep their souls in line.

Aisha faced gossip,
Khadija faced poverty,
Asiyah faced a tyrant husband,
Summayah faced mortality,
These tests did not stop these sisters,
But from it, their iman grew in strength,
They were reminded the life of this world,
Does not hold an eternal length.

Many challenges faced,
Harsh words spoken,
Should never leave you feeling defeated or broken.
Take inspiration from the ones who came before you
Who persevered with this deen and to it stayed true.

Muslim women who laid the foundation
Through living exemplary lives
Sisters please ask yourselves,
What are YOU leaving behind ?

By Halimat Shode 

This poem was written by Sister Halimat for the Solace charity fundraiser we had in June, she read it out for us and touched many hearts that day, her words left an imprint on sisters who will never forget the beautiful poem dedicated to Hikmah Adetunji, a 22 year old sister who was a SOLACE team member, she sadly passed away after suffering from cancer in June...May Allah make her grave spacious for her and grant her jannat-ul-Firdous.

Check out more of Halima's work on her blog by clicking the link below.

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  1. Jazakh'Allah khair for the opportunity to perform it sis. Ameen to your dua. x