Saturday, 18 August 2012

Confessions | The last taraweeh of Ramadan

At our last taraweeh prayers at the mosque last night me and my sis had to sit somewhere different because there was no space at the front. I finished praying the Sunnah before the jamaat for Isha as I sat there and looked around the masjid whilst doing some dhikr (as you do) I made eye contact with a few people and smiled but everyone just gave me a strange look back =S one of those 'what a weirdo' looks.

My sister finished praying her Sunnah, I turned to her to say something and she just looked at me like o.0 and said 'what is that on your forehead?' as I wiped my forehead I felt something fall on the ground, my sister burst out laughing and I realised it was one of those rhinestones which must have fallen off someones clothing and as I went into sujood it got stuck to my forehead, then me and my sister couldn't stop laughing and people in front of us were asking why we were laughing...then I had to explain what happened -__- which was not funny.

No wonder people were giving me strange looks.

Remember when we were little we used to get sequins/beads that had come off our clothes and stick it on our forehead? xD or maybe I was just a one of those weird kids.

Anyway, hope you made the most of the Ramadan nights inshaAllah, so sad that its come to an end.

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  1. Hey, Just came across ur blog and I love it already! Haha and I totally remember wht ur tlking about i loved sticking sequins on my forehead as a kid. Lol