Monday, 13 August 2012

Confessions | The princess and the pin(s)

Note to self: I must remember where I stick my pins!

Usually when I come home I take off my hijab and dig the pins into the headboard of my bed, that is before I received the lovely cupcake pin cushion from Hijab Pinz. Now I put the hijab pins in the pin cushion, but when I get home all tired I switch my netbook on and sit on my bed, as it loads I take the pins out of my hijab and stick them in the mattress of my bed (because I will put them in the pin cushion later), but one day my bed was done up and I stuck some pins into the duvet on my bed.

I think my mum started calling me or something so I quickly got changed and went down. In the night, half asleep I felt something prick my leg, thought it was nothing, moved around a little and went back to sleep, then as I moved from one side of my bed to the other (the joys of having a double bed to yourself) I felt something scrape across my leg, I jumped up and looked at the long scratch across my leg that started bleeding and thought to myself 'What on earth?!' and then I remembered at 5am in the morning that the pins were still in my duvet -_-

Annoyed with myself and grumpy because of being awoken prematurely, I got up looked for the pins and put them away.

When I was thinking of writing this post it reminded me of the story of the princess and the pea, a girl came to a castle when there was a storm outside, the queen said the prince could marry her if she was a real princess and they would be able to tell if she could feel a pea which was put under a tonne of mattresses, she could feel it, so she was a real princess, they got married and lived happily ever after.....kinda not what happened to me, but it involved a bed and something pricking me?

#MustPutThingsAwayStraightaway #NeedToStopBeingLazy


  1. Assalamu Alaykum, hehe, funny story :) sometimes I feel like something is prickling me or something when I fall asleep, but it's just nothing, weird. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Sometimes when i take off my scarf very fast the pins fall
    out off my scarf on the floor.
    Sometimes my husband finds them is not amused because he could have stepped into them.

    xO Arezu