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Spiritual | 97: Al-Qadr -Night Of Power/Decree

Period of Revelation This Surah is one of the early Surahs revealed at Makkah. Major Issue, Divine Law and Guidance: -The night of Qadr, in which the Quran was revealed, is better than one thousand months The theme of this surah is to acquaint man with the value, worth and importance of the Quran. Being placed just after Surah Al-Alaq in the arrangement of the Quran by itself explains that in the Holy Book, the revelation of which began with the first five verses of Surah Al-Alaq, was sent down in a destiny-making night, which is also called the Night of Power. It is a glorious Book and its revelations for mankind is full of blessings. The Night of Qadr (destiny) has two meanings, both are implied here. First it is the night during which destinies are decided. Second the revelation of this Book in this night is not merely the revelation of a book, but an event which will change the destiny of the entire world. In other words, this is a night of unique honor, dignity and g

Recipe | Bengali Chicken Curry

Salaam girls! (and guys who want to learn how to cook this), I have had loooooads of request from friends, colleagues & others for a chicken curry recipe Bengali style! This is probably one of the only curry's I can cook so here goes. There are many ways you could cook this, this is my mums recipe which I tweaked slightly (just added some vege's to it) today I will show you how we cook it (= For this recipe you will need: -1&1/2 baby chicken (the soft one) -Oil (I use olive oil) -4 & 1/2 medium size onions (see pic below) -Salt -2 bay leaves -2 cinnamon sticks (about 4-5cm long) -3 or 4 cardamom pods -Turmeric powder -Curry powder (mixed massala) -Chilli powder -Half a pepper -2 medium sized tomatoes -Ginger & Garlic (blended together) -Fresh coriander Before I start I will warn you, Asian cooking is usually done by guesstimating I never measure anything out but for the sake of this tutorial I did try to measure things =S but the quantities

10 tips for your online hijab company

Assalaamu alaikum all! I have been having idea's about this post for a while but just didn't how to get my thoughts together so I'm not sure if this will be any good but here it goes anyway! So I don't run an online business of my own, I don't have a marketing degree nor am I an expert in running businesses but I've done my fair share of online shopping and have done reviews for online companies so I will give some tips from a consumer point of view inshaAllah, but please remember these are merely my views and not guaranteed to work Tip 1: Be Unique Do your research and check out other companies out there. At the moment the number of 'online hijab companies' have been growing and there are sooo many companies selling the exact same scarves & accessories claiming to be unique. If you want to be successful think up something different or take a unique angle on the hijab business idea. Brainstorm, pilot your ideas, find out what really