Friday, 27 July 2012

Confessions | Masjid mania

After Taraweeh one night, Allah knows why I was in a rush to get out, I accidently bumped more like crashed into a brother who was also leaving the masjid and then stopped abruptly (I know, you can see it in slow motion, can't you?) 

Apologies exchanged I walked off to the car, it was dark so no one would recognise me but it was embarassing as hell and my anxiety went through the roof! Now I have a little phobia of getting out the masjid after salah, I've even resorted to not wearing that scarf to the masjid again incase (incase he recognises me and remembers the crazy girl in the zebra/cheetah print scarf who crashed into him) =S Yes, I over analyse things in my head....Am I just being stupid?

#Why do brothers decide to stand in front of the masjid? #What ever happened to ladies first? #Masjid owner please invest in another door, once I get a job I'll pay for it iA


  1. I agree with you, there should be another door for women. Here the men like to all stand right in front too.

  2. I don`t like it when there is only 1 door for brothers and sisters.

    XO Arezu

  3. Ooh, you apologized and everything, I don't think you have to worry :)