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Review | AZiN (Tasbih & pins)

Assalaamu alaikum WR WB!

Todays post is a review for AZiN a new company selling handmade hijab pins and tasbih's (prayer beads).

Azin comes from the Arabic word for 'Jewellery', they are a new facebook business selling exclusive hijab pins and 33 count prayer beads. Why 33? some may ask...
Abu Huraira RA reported that Fatima RA came to Allah's Apostle Sallallaho Alaihey wasallam and asked for a servant and told him of the hardship of household work. He (SAW) said: "You would not be able to get a servant from us. May I not direct you to what is better than the servant for you? Recite Subhaana Allah thirty-three times, al- Hamdu li-Allah thirty-three times and Allah-o-Akbar thirty-four times as you go to bed."
Sahih Muslim Book 035, Number 6580
Hence 33 beads on the tasbih for anyone who didn't know. I was fortunate enough to receive products from their first collection and my first impressions?....'MASHAALLAH!' The opening collection of tasbih's is limited in number (one of each) and I was sent the only design they made 2 of.

So I'll get over the technical stuff like delivery, P&P, customer service before I introduce the amazing pins and tasbih!

The sister behind Azin e-mailed me to let me know when the products will be posted, alhamdulillah the delivery was very fast. The packaging was super cute in white paper and wrapped with a pink bow (my obsession with finishing touches).

The tasbih came in a cute pink organza pouch and the pins came on a business card with pink ribbon. I love the way they did the packaging (see pic above), most companies send their pins in organza pouches and this is the first time I have seen someone utilise their business card in this clever way. I think I will keep the pins like this for a while instead of putting them in my pin cushion because they are clearly displayed and I can just pick one out when I want to match it with my clothing.

There is free first class p&p on orders over £5 and a £1.20 charge for those under £ yeah great value for money seeing as how quickly they will arrive. (international customers please get in touch with AZiN for more info on your p&p)

The company is a pleasure to deal with so don't hesitate to get in touch with them should you have any problems or queries.

Ok now on to the awesome stuff she sent (=

Pretty Turquoise
Length: 4cm
Description: Lightweight Pin with Cloisonne enamalled bead decorated with gold braiding with Blue Crystal Glass bead.
Price: £2.99 each

Flower Power
Length: 3.8cm
Description: Lightweight Pink Diamante Pins with Brown or Silver Bead.
Mix and Match.
Price: £0.60 each OR 2 for £1.00

In A Heart Beat!
Length: Approx 3.5cm
Description: Lightweight Millefiori Heart Pins. Millefiori meaning "thousand flowers", is a distinctive glass working technique that makes these beautiful colourful glass beads.
The hearts will vary in colour and design.
Price: £1.50 each

Elegance With A Twist
Length: Approx 3cm
Description: Lightweight Pin with Swarovski Crystal Element.
Price: £1.50 each

Pretty in Green Wand
Length: 5cm
Description: Lightweight Clear Diamante Pin with Green Crystal Bead.
Price: £3.50 each

Purple Dream
Length: 4cm
Description: Lightweight Pin with Matte Amethyst Bead.
Price: £2.50 each

Deep Blue Sea
Length: 4cm
Description: Lightweight Pin with Blue Sapphire Fire Polished Bead.
Price: £2.50 each

Seeing Colours
Length: 4cm
Description: Lightweight Pins with Turquoise Crackle Glass Bead
Length: 4cm
Price: £0.60 each OR 2 for £1.00
All of the pins are made with absolute top class quality, they are sharp so they wont ruin your scarves as you try to get them in, the descriptions of each one are accurate to the 'T' and the attention to detail on every bead is impeccable. Each and every pin is classy and elegant, these pins are perfect for anyone who wants to keep things simple and elegant. One thing I would recommend to the company is maybe make the pin a little longer (this might just be a personal preference) but I felt my scarf would feel more secure if the pin part (without the beads) was a bit longer.

Code: CGB
33 Crystal Glass Beads
Dark Turquoise Cracked Glass Spacers
Length: Approx 9cm
Price: £7.95

I love this beautiful, delicate tasbih. I don't usually use a tasbih or carry one with me because I tend to use my fingers but this tasbih is just stunning and I think I will keep it with me as a reminder to remember Allah in my everyday activities. It's lightweight and I can't get over how delicate it looks (by delicate I don't mean it will break or fall apart). Again the attention to detail on all their tasbih's is amazing and the tasbih is probably one of my favourite things they sent me. Just in time for extra supplications and remembrance of Allah during Ramadan.

Right now Azin are holding a little competition/giveaway for Ramadan, to be in with a chance of winning one of their tasbih's all you have to do is 'like' their facebook page and 'like' your favourite what are you waiting for? Closing date is 30th of July!

Please check out their facebook page for more stunning pins & tasbihs (and better pictures of these), you can pay via paypal and instructions on how to order are under each picture in their photo album.

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