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Spiritual | Quality vs Quantity?

It's really annoying when people question you about how much ibadah you have done and when its not to their expectations, they think you're not making the most of Ramadan give you a lecture about what you should be doing and what am I talking about? This Ramadan I decided not to start a Quran khatm (when you finish the whole Quran in Ramadan beginning to end) and I have my reasons. Last year when I did this I tried to read it in Arabic, with the translation in English & explanations of each Surah, towards the end I ended up just reading the Arabic because I was running out of time and still I didn't finish it by like 10 chapters because of days missed for family iftars among other things. It's great if you can recite the whole Quran in 30 days mashaAllah, but for me personally it just doesn't work, I don't like rushing through it just to finish it, I don't like sitting there hours on end reading (sometimes whilst half asleep and not ta

Review | AZiN (Tasbih & pins)

Assalaamu alaikum WR WB! Todays post is a review for AZiN a new company selling handmade hijab pins and tasbih's (prayer beads). Azin comes from the Arabic word for 'Jewellery', they are a new facebook business selling exclusive hijab pins and 33 count prayer beads. Why 33? some may ask... Abu Huraira RA reported that Fatima RA came to Allah's Apostle Sallallaho Alaihey wasallam and asked for a servant and told him of the hardship of household work. He (SAW) said: "You would not be able to get a servant from us. May I not direct you to what is better than the servant for you? Recite Subhaana Allah thirty-three times, al- Hamdu li-Allah thirty-three times and Allah-o-Akbar thirty-four times as you go to bed." Sahih Muslim Book 035, Number 6580 Hence 33 beads on the tasbih for anyone who didn't know. I was fortunate enough to receive products from their first collection and my first impressions?....'MASHAALLAH!' The openin

International gift swap | Austria to London!

A couple of months ago a lovely sister called Samira from Austria messaged me on my facebook page asking if I wanted to do an international gift swap with her where I send her gifts from London and she sends me gifts from Austria, so how could I say no, I happily accepted. We set a budget, got to know each other a bit better and yesterday Samira's package arrived =D I was so excited, all the things came wrapped up and every time I took something out of the box something else caught my eye. I couldn't be happier with all the things she got for me so thank you sis!! She sent me a whole bag full sweets and chocolates! My little brothers opened some of the sweets and Is'haq finished one packet of the pez bonbons lol but the rest I'm saving as my secret stash of yummyness during Ramadhan to treat myself (and my siblings) after iftar (= Is'haq saying thank you for the sweeties Samira tried to get me things you can only find in Austria but she said it was