Friday, 1 June 2012

OOTD | End of year luncheon

Salaam dudettes (wow I haven't said that in a long time),

So today was my last ever day of placement at the hospital *sniff sniff* happy to be finished uni in terms of deadlines, essays, exams, assignments in the hospital but sad to say goodbye to the friends and memories I made along the way. Feels very strange to be at the end of 18 years of education (including nursery, primary, secondary, college and uni) still feel like I'm too young to be going out into the 'big bad world' not as a student, doesn't help that I'm still 20 but hey ho that's life...gotta grow up one day right? (or do we? ¬¬ )

So this is a outfit of the day post of what I wore on my last day at uni in which the lecturers organised a little luncheon (how lovely)

Maxi dress: The Poplook
Hijab: Hijab Fashion Shop
Cardigan: Whitechapel Market
Bracelets: Primark
Ring: Camden Town Market

The maxi dress came in very handy and I'm glad I got it, I had an interview at the hospital today and wore it with a black blazer to smarten it up (the pictures of the outfit didn't come out very good). Even though it is long sleeved I had to wear a cardi because you have to tie it at the waist and I didn't feel comfortable as tying it can show your shape...check out thepoplook.com for this maxi dress, the green one in the post before and others, they are affordable and really good quality.

To everyone who is finishing school, uni, or whatever inshaAllah we'll be going on to bigger and better things (=

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  1. Salam sis
    I discovered thepoplook by reading your last blog post. After a bit of deliberating, i ordered a dress in teal, (the one with the bell sleeves) hoping it would be okay. Alhamdullilah, it was great, shipping took about a week, and for the dress and p&p i paid a total of around £20ish which is fab value. I don't wear the belt so it flows nicely but wear a jacket on top. I don't like wearing with cardis as i feel too scrunched up and constantly pulling the sleeved down, if that makes sense! (esp as the dress is made from jersey)
    overall jazakilla for recomending.
    (masha'allah, u look lovely btw)
    ws hafsa