Monday, 4 June 2012

Beauty Review | Peel off nail polish, lipgloss & felt tip liner

Salaam girls!

I thought I'd do a little review for some products I bought from Superdrugs, Boots and Primark.

The first thing I got was a set of 4 mini lip glosses from primark for £2, check out the swatches below.

The colours in this set of 4 are really pretty neutral shades, my favourite has to be the colour on the left. I think they're pretty good for £4 they're not watery and are pigmented. The only downer on this product as with a lot of lipglosses is that they're a bit sticky, I'm not really used to lipglosses as I usually only wear carmex but the colours in this set just caught my eye and I had to get them.

The next thing I got were some peel off nail polishes by the brand Andrea Fulerton.

I got these two colours Donna (Pink) and Helen (Purple) and my sister got a fuschia pink one with glitter. All you have to do is apply two thin layers onto your nails and when you want to take it off you just peel it off,, applying a thick layer means it wont dry straight away and might come off quicker. The colours are highly pigmented and glossy on your nails, they are just as good as ordinary nail polish with the only difference being they dont last as long and can be peeled off to remove.

I really like this concept as it means you can wear it to a party and peel them off in a matter of seconds when you need to make wudhu before praying. The product is solvent free making it safe for pregnant women to use as well as children.

They are not meant to last long and would be ideal for a party or special occasion but not so much for everyday wear especially if you work with your hands alot.

The £2.49 price tag in these is super and the 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics in superdrugs means you could get your hands on some good stuff for your summer make up looks.

I thought the colours of these nail polishes were quite deceiving because they dont come out the same colour on your nails as they look like in the bottle. They have the colours mentioned above as well as in black, I would really love to see this product in more colours because I would buy more.

Last thing I got was a felt tip eye liner from the brand collection 2000. I first used felt tip liner when my sister bought her borjous one, I liked the way it worked so when my eye liner ran out, I went to get one for myself.

This eyeliner allows one to quickly and precisely apply it, I have been using this for about a week now and haven't had any side effects.

Hope this review helped, please leave your feedback below on what you think of the things I got iA.

Until next time,

Salaam x

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