Sunday, 24 June 2012

Review | Hijab Treasures

Salaam sisters!

Today I'm doing a review on some hijab accessories by the lovely Hijab Treasures!

I was messaged by the very sweet sister behind Hijab Treasures about the review, as soon as I saw the items on their website I knew it was right up my street and a company worth reviewing mashaAllah.

I got the items in two days of them being dispatched, they came wrapped beautifully in a small brown box, the packaging was perfect to make sure everything inside was in perfect condition through transit, the wrapping paper made it that much more special because it was like receiving a gift and in my case many gifts, just looking at the packaging was exciting! Thankfully my mum didn't rip open the package as soon as it arrived which is what she tends to do lol so I got the chance to show you guys how it came.

So I'll break down which ones I got and what I thought of each one...

Pearl Flower Star Clip

When I got this I was a little confused as to how I was supposed to wear it but found 2 ways of putting it on. This is a scarf clip rather than a brooch so the fastening is a round clip at the back rather than a pin. You can either thread your scarf through the fastening and clip it to hold on side of your scarf together or you can slide the fastening under a fold in your scarf and clip it so it's more like a hijab pin/brooch.

I think you can only do the second way in certain types of scarves because if your scarf is thin or slippery the brooch tends to slide down as it isn't pinned to your scarf, but you could use straight pins to pin your hijab down and then slide the clip in above the pin, this should stop the clip sliding down.

Although the clip is wearable I would prefer both this pin and the one below to have the pin fastening at the back rather than a clip as it would be more secure and I wouldn't be worried about it falling off.

The brooch itself in design is very pretty, it has beautiful pearls and diamante stones on it adding some class to your outfit without being too bling.

Pearl Flower Lily Clip

This is again a clip like the one above so the fastening is the same. The shape of the brooch is a flower and the petals of the flower have dominates on them while the pearls in two sizes are gathered in the middle. Again another beautiful piece which I totally LOVE!

Antique Silver & Jet Crystal Butterfly Brooch

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a really girly girl, I love diamonds and pearls, butterflies and stars and everything girly, as soon as I saw this brooch I knew it would be amazing and in real life it sure doesn't disappoint.

The black stones mean I can wear it with my black abaya's/jilbabs, even with a plain scarf this brooch would look really good, almost like a statement piece on its own you don't need to even wear any jewellery. The fastening behind this one is an ordinary pin, but the pin is long and goes right across the back so keeps the brooch stable and in place as it is quite a big brooch.

The intricate detailing on this pin make it that much more elegant and the piece is very different from things I have seen on other websites. They have this same pin in a different colours as well (pink & blue) so you have the option if you want to match it with an outfit.

Gold Glow Pearl Hijab Pin

The last pin I wanted was something a little more simple which can be worn everyday and doesn't attract much attention, this little pin does just the job, its simple, elegant and very pretty. The pearl itself is a light champagne gold colour which you don't see everywhere so is something a little unique too. The only thing I would say about this pin is that the pin is a little bendy so you need to be careful not to put too much pressure on it when putting it in your scarf. Other than that its all good!

These pins were very generously donated by Hijab Treasures to our charity event on the 30th of June (see poster at the end of this post iA) All of these pins are absolutely STUNNING, they've been hand made and are super quality so attend our charity event to get your hands on some of these iA (=


Hijab Treasures is an amazing company which excels at what it does, the beautiful designs of the hijab pins and brooches are elegant, the handmade pins are of the highest quality and range in size and design to suit your style.


Brilliant quality, no faults found on majority of them but the gold pearl pin is a little bendy.

Price of Products:

Reasonable & affordable prices.

Pearl Flower Star Clip-£2.49
Pearl Flower Lily Clip-£2.49
Antique Silver & Jet Crystal Butterfly Brooch- £5.99
Gold Glow Pearl Hijab Pin- £2.99

Customer Service:

Brilliant customer service, hijab treasures are a pleasure to work with.

Postage Costs:

Standard UK- £1.99
Europe- £2.99
International-  £3.99

Delivery Time:

Was delivered in 2 days via royal mail, very satisfied!

Ease of ordering:

Order through their website http://www.hijabtreasures.com
Variety of collection:

There is a huge variety in the number of accessories available, there is something different to suit different people and different styles.

[Please note: Stars are out of 5; everything above is correct at the time of publishing, this may be subject to change if and when the owner wishes]

Check out the Hijab Treasures FB page & Website for more beautiful products:



This is how I store my hijab pins and other accessories, keeps them all in one place but isn't very organised, if anyone has any ideas for storage let me know please.


With over 20 stalls and loads of goodies from Imaan & Beauty, Hijab Obsessions, Be Beautiful Parlour, Hijab Treasures, Hijab Fashion Shop & My Scarf Boutique......see you there ;o)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Review | Deen Creations- Islamic Cross Stitch Kit

Assalaamu alaikum,

Hope you are all in the best of health & imaan inshaAllah.

Are you looking for a hobbie? Cross stitching might be just what you need over the long summer days. I was recently sent a cross stitch kit from a company called Deen Creations who sell cross stitch kits for beginner and intermediate cross stitchers (if thats what they're called). To be honest I'm not actually that great at sewing but I would like to think I was artistic or creative because I Love painting! So I thought I would give this a go and let you guys know about it too.

The package came neatly packaged with all these bits and bobs that are required to get going with the design. I asked for an easy design because I had never done cross stitching before.

The kit included:
  • cross stitch instructions, 
  • a coloured chart, 
  • a gold needle, 
  • thread, 
  • aida (material)
  • aperture card and envelope.
Everything was very well organised in the package down to the threads which were seperated into the colours on a piece of card.

Once finished the design can be glued onto the card and placed inside the envelope to give to someone as a gift which I thought was an amazing idea. Only minor thing I would say about the envelope is that it was folded when packaged so had a line down the middle, I personally would prefer the envelope to not be folded as it doesn't look nice when you want to give it to someone.

The instructions that came with the kit were not that easy to follow for me as someone who has never done any cross stitching, I did it wrong a couple of times and had to unstitch that part because I did it wrong. I realised that I quickly became inpatient and ended up leaving it, I couldn't finish the pattern because I became busy with organising the charity event and weddings we had to go to, so I think if I was doing it as a pass time during the summer when I wasn't busy then I probably would have been able to finish it. I would recommend clearer instructions and maybe actual photograph step by step rather than diagrams, I would also suggest maybe having video's on youtube or something so that people can watch how it's supposed to be done, I think that would have been most useful to someone like me.

At the moment Deen Creations has 5 different patterns and will be updating their collection with more patterns in the future inshaAllah. These would make perfect gifts for Eid, weddings and other special occasions, it shows that you have really put effort into the idea, the kit itself would also make a great gift for someone creative and wants to try something a little different. Once you have got the hang of the designs by Deen Creations you could even start making bigger and more complex pieces to decorate your home.

The customer service at Deen Creations is out of this world mashaAllah! It was a pleasure dealing with the sister and I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a hobby to someone looking for a unique gift.

Check out the Deen Creations FB page https://www.facebook.com/DeenCreations and check out their other designs.

Happy cross stitching!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Beauty Review | Peel off nail polish, lipgloss & felt tip liner

Salaam girls!

I thought I'd do a little review for some products I bought from Superdrugs, Boots and Primark.

The first thing I got was a set of 4 mini lip glosses from primark for £2, check out the swatches below.

The colours in this set of 4 are really pretty neutral shades, my favourite has to be the colour on the left. I think they're pretty good for £4 they're not watery and are pigmented. The only downer on this product as with a lot of lipglosses is that they're a bit sticky, I'm not really used to lipglosses as I usually only wear carmex but the colours in this set just caught my eye and I had to get them.

The next thing I got were some peel off nail polishes by the brand Andrea Fulerton.

I got these two colours Donna (Pink) and Helen (Purple) and my sister got a fuschia pink one with glitter. All you have to do is apply two thin layers onto your nails and when you want to take it off you just peel it off,, applying a thick layer means it wont dry straight away and might come off quicker. The colours are highly pigmented and glossy on your nails, they are just as good as ordinary nail polish with the only difference being they dont last as long and can be peeled off to remove.

I really like this concept as it means you can wear it to a party and peel them off in a matter of seconds when you need to make wudhu before praying. The product is solvent free making it safe for pregnant women to use as well as children.

They are not meant to last long and would be ideal for a party or special occasion but not so much for everyday wear especially if you work with your hands alot.

The £2.49 price tag in these is super and the 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics in superdrugs means you could get your hands on some good stuff for your summer make up looks.

I thought the colours of these nail polishes were quite deceiving because they dont come out the same colour on your nails as they look like in the bottle. They have the colours mentioned above as well as in black, I would really love to see this product in more colours because I would buy more.

Last thing I got was a felt tip eye liner from the brand collection 2000. I first used felt tip liner when my sister bought her borjous one, I liked the way it worked so when my eye liner ran out, I went to get one for myself.

This eyeliner allows one to quickly and precisely apply it, I have been using this for about a week now and haven't had any side effects.

Hope this review helped, please leave your feedback below on what you think of the things I got iA.

Until next time,

Salaam x

Friday, 1 June 2012

OOTD | End of year luncheon

Salaam dudettes (wow I haven't said that in a long time),

So today was my last ever day of placement at the hospital *sniff sniff* happy to be finished uni in terms of deadlines, essays, exams, assignments in the hospital but sad to say goodbye to the friends and memories I made along the way. Feels very strange to be at the end of 18 years of education (including nursery, primary, secondary, college and uni) still feel like I'm too young to be going out into the 'big bad world' not as a student, doesn't help that I'm still 20 but hey ho that's life...gotta grow up one day right? (or do we? ¬¬ )

So this is a outfit of the day post of what I wore on my last day at uni in which the lecturers organised a little luncheon (how lovely)

Maxi dress: The Poplook
Hijab: Hijab Fashion Shop
Cardigan: Whitechapel Market
Bracelets: Primark
Ring: Camden Town Market

The maxi dress came in very handy and I'm glad I got it, I had an interview at the hospital today and wore it with a black blazer to smarten it up (the pictures of the outfit didn't come out very good). Even though it is long sleeved I had to wear a cardi because you have to tie it at the waist and I didn't feel comfortable as tying it can show your shape...check out thepoplook.com for this maxi dress, the green one in the post before and others, they are affordable and really good quality.

To everyone who is finishing school, uni, or whatever inshaAllah we'll be going on to bigger and better things (=