Sunday, 20 May 2012

OOTD | My sisters graduation

Salaam sisters!

A quick OOTD post, my sister had her year 11 leavers/graduation ceremony last Friday and this is what we both wore. I was going to wear a black blazer but it looked a bit too formal and it was a bit chilly that day too, so I opted for a jacket instead giving it a more casual look (=

My outfit:
Green Maxi dress - The pop look
Black maxi jersey hijab- The Pinned Veil
Brown Jacket- Gift 
Charm bracelet & necklace- ebay
Black suede boots- Zahra Shoes (Local shop)
Bag- Gift from Gap

My sisters outfit: 
Hot pink kaftan- Shop in Madinah (Saudi Arabia)
Gold silky hijab- Pearl daisy Ltd
Shoes: Unze London


  1. salam sis i love ur sense of style, and look for u to inspiration! I too am an abaya wearer, and am looking for some modest jackets to wear in the summer over my abaya, can u recomend us some sites please? or just general summer wear for abaya wearers? u always come up with unique stuff, so hope u can help

    1. Wsalaam sis,

      JazakAllah khair (=

      I would recommend ASOS and boohoo http://www.boohoo.com/restofworld/clothing/coats-jackets/icat/coatsandjackets/

      Blazers and denim jackets are very in this summer so there is a lot out there for you to choose from. This summer is awesome for abaya wearers as the maxi dress/covered up style is in which means items for this look are widely available (=

      I hope you find something soon iA

  2. salam sis
    i was wondering if you coud help me look for a light coloured jacket to wear in the summer over an abaya? Have been trailing the high street but cant seem to find anything decent. I love your sense of style, so would appreciate your help please?


    1. Wsalaam sis,

      Check this site for some light coloured jackets and blazers http://www.boohoo.com/restofworld/clothing/coats-jackets/icat/coatsandjackets/#esp_pg=3

      I'm loving the coloured blazers for more formal events and the denim jackets for daytime looks (=

      Wa iyyaki xx