Sunday, 13 May 2012

Spiritual | Journey to the unknown

Monday: School 9am, home, TV, dinner, homework bed; Tuesday: school 9am, home, TV, dinner, bed, Easter holidays, Summer holidays then on to the next stage.

For the last 18 years of my life I've had a routine, I've always known what I was going to do next. Now as I reach the end of university I have a daunting feeling of emptiness, change and the unknown. The first summer holidays where I have no concrete plan for the coming year. Its a strange feeling really, all through school and university I've been looking forward to finally finishing education, but now the time has come I don't know what I'm going to do with myself.

It feels as though I am heading out into the big wide world after being in the little 'student' bubble. The next obvious step would be to get a job, but the way the economy is at the moment jobs are looking very scarce and to be honest I really just want a break from the constant hustle and bustle of life. I've always thought about what I'd like to do after uni such as volunteer for an Islamic charity, get back to painting canvases, do some Quran/Islamic studies part time and go on holiday. InshaAllah I will be able to do those things.

InshaAllah this Ramadan I aim to make it the best ever, long summer days might seem daunting for some but I love it! It's during the holidays so no need to think about school or uni or anything, spend all my time in worship, attend the masjid for taraweeh, helping my mum in the kitchen for iftaar, visiting my extended family and just generally making the most of everything positive in the month.

And after that? InshaAllah I really want to go and visit my cousin in Italy, even if its just for a week, she lives near Venice and who wouldn't want to go to Venice?

They say as one door closes another one opens I hope inshaAllah one opens for me very soon because I have no idea what I'm going to be doing after this summer but I'll be making the most of this summer while it lasts iA!

What are your plans for the coming year?


  1. Assalamu'alaikum sis, its funny because I am feeling exactly like you are, I have no idea what I want to do :S

    I'm in my final year studying Radiography just like you are too.. freaky ehh? :p

    May Allah help us through this journey in dunya and whatever it is we do, may it be for His sake alone, Ameen.

    p.s. I pray the event is successful inshaa'Allah, not sure if I will be able to make it yet.

    Wassalamu'alaykum :)

    1. Walaykum assalaam,

      Woah no way??! What a coincidence =D Ameen to your du'a, jzk sis, please do try and come iA =)