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OOTD | My sisters graduation

Salaam sisters! A quick OOTD post, my sister had her year 11 leavers/graduation ceremony last Friday and this is what we both wore. I was going to wear a black blazer but it looked a bit too formal and it was a bit chilly that day too, so I opted for a jacket instead giving it a more casual look (= My outfit: Green Maxi dress - The pop look Black maxi jersey hijab- The Pinned Veil Brown Jacket- Gift  Charm bracelet & necklace- ebay Black suede boots- Zahra Shoes (Local shop) Bag- Gift from Gap My sisters outfit:  Hot pink kaftan- Shop in Madinah (Saudi Arabia) Gold silky hijab- Pearl daisy Ltd Shoes: Unze London

Interview | Al Yaqoot Arts

  Name: Zainab Shahid Age: 21 Company: Al Yaqoot Arts Tell us something interesting about you: Hmmm... I'm trying to balance two degrees lol! BA Creative Writing and English Literature and BA Islamic Studies    What is Al-Yaqoot Arts?    That's a hard question... it's a business, I think the answers following this question will explain more properly. =)  Where are you based?   I'm based in Surrey, but seeing as I travel to North London for university there's no reason why I can't travel to London for sisters who want Henna done! How and why did you set up Al-Yaqoot Arts?  I love art, I end up doodling all over my notebooks when I'm supposed to be taking notes in class or notes for assignments. I didn't actually have a proper business name until quite recently, I used to do henna for people and after receiving positive feedback I thought I would make it more professional and even add in canvases and hand-embroidered sc

Review | Noble Starz

Assalaamu alaikum girlies Here is the post which accompanies the video I made reviewing Noble Starz hijabs so please watch the video if you want to know more about Noble Starz and what I think of the hijab. Here are pictures of the scarves (= Perfect spring hijab All hijabs come with a little charm with 'Made with Love' written on cute?!  All of the negative points made in the video have been fed back to the owner of Noble Starz and the sister is working on changing a few things so that customers are completely satisfied with their purchases....see what I mean about customer service? Superb mashaAllah! Please click on this link Noble Starz and add the sister as a friend to check out the other hijabs in the range iA (= Wsalaam! iHijabi