Monday, 30 April 2012

Review | Samias Treasures

Assalaamu alaikum ladies!

I haven't done a review in a while soooo today I'm going to tell you about this little gem Samias Treasures (= [Click on the name to go straight to their FB page!]

I was sent 2 hijabs and 2 brooches from their collection to review...

First up are these gorgeous brooches!

One thing that struck me when I first took these out of the package was just how sparkly they were, I actually struggled to take a good picture of them close up because the flash kept bouncing off the stones.

The first brooch has a small in at the back which you attach to your clothes, it's in the shape of a ribbon with a bow at the end..very pretty indeed.

The second pin is a kilt pin with diamonte's and a bow which has two dangly strands that move. I found the pin was a little blunt at the end which made it hard to get through my hijab, this isn't really a problem but can leave holes in delicate scarves, however, this can be easily fixed by using a nail file to sharpen the pin and is something I have done with similar pins in the past.

These are just two from their range of stunning brooches and jewellery so don't forget to check out the rest of the range iA.

The first of the two hijabs is a blue polka dot one.

I absolutely love this maxi hijab, the colour is beautiful and gives your outfit a fun retro look. Floral patterns are everywhere and have been for the last couple of summers so I wanted to see something different and unique and I'm loving polka dots at the moment. The hijab is a maxi hijab so is very wide and long giving you great coverage. The scarf is thin and lightweight, made from cotton so the hijab is perfect for this spring/summer. This hijab also comes in a nude colour.

The second hijab is a maxi crinkle hijab with polka dots and bows.

Again this grey & black hijab is a maxi hijab so good coverage, it's a crinkle hijab so wont sit flat on your head but will give your hijab a bit of volume, if you would rather not have volume in your hijab you could always iron out the crinkles. Half of the hijab has polka dots on it and the other half has bows so the possibilities of what you can do with it are endless! Because it's a maxi hijab if you fold the hijab in half and want o only show the polka dots you can do so without the scarf being too narrow. This hijab is shorter than the blue one shown above but is easier to wrap if you're not used to dealing with so much fabric. This hijab comes in black, navy blue and pink colour too, to check out the pictures of the other colours in this range click here

The great thing about Samias treasures hijabs is the amazing offer they have on them. You can buy them for £4 each or 3 for £10. I haven't come across another online hijab store with such a good offer. They also have great offers on everyday straight pins which you can purchase for 50p -£2 click here to check that offer out!

The customer service from Samias Treasures is very good mashaAllah, you can get in contact with them via facebook and the sister usually replies pretty quick.

The packaging was quite standard but not bad, all the items came wrapped separately and in great condition. Alhamdulillah I cannot fault anything to do with the postage and delivery.

I would recommend this company to sisters looking for quality hijabs at affordable prices. So if you would like to check out their other hijabs or even purchase the items in this review click here and like their page....https://www.facebook.com/pages/Samias-Treasures-Page/172074799539184


  1. I have bought from this online shop and to be honest its not much quality. The prints are all the same as the other "bigger" online shops but the quality is poor. They are good copies. If your looking for somthing cheap and cheerful then this is it

    1. What is it exactly about the quality that didn't meet your standards sis? InshaAllah a bit more information on what you didn't like will be more constructive criticism for the company to go on and take into consideration

    2. Yes sorry if i sounded like i was critising - just letting people know:

      1. most of the hijabs are very transparent unless you double it up - defeats the purpose of a maxi hijab - this shows quality is poor

      2. they do bobble, i wouldnt say after washing, i would say after wearing it more than 5 times - for me washing them has been fine

      3. most of the sisters hijabs are crinkle - as crinkling fabric gives a bulkier feel, but when you wash them they almost hang like a dead wilted flower

      4.many more sisters are bring qiality products, which is what we deserve. Standards should be kept high, so we dont have to buy hijabs from Zaras or monsoon.

      i hope that helps

    3. oh dont worry constructive criticism is good, inshaAllah the company will take on board your feedback

    4. Hijabs are thin and very poor quality.. I don't think they will last after few washes. Plus one came as faulty
      BE WARNED! She doesn't accepts returns or give refunds for reason.

  2. Its true i have seen the maxi hijabs that Samis Treasures sells and they are of poor quality. After one or two washes they start to bobble and i personally know many sisters that sell maxi hijabs which are of the same print but better quality and can be washed and worn and do not bobble.So if you want something cheap and cheerful and does not last then go a head but if you want something of much better quality that last just pay a pound extra trust me it will go much furhter.

    1. I suppose it also depends on how well you look after your scarves, I haven't washed mine yet so it seems good quality to me (the two that I have anyway) but thanks for the heads up, will be careful when washing them iA

  3. has anyone bought the bobble tassle scarves from samia's? just want quick feedback, wondering whether to buy them or not now x

    1. I haven't but I'm not really a fan of those scarves lol (=

    2. samia scarves are the equivalent of a pound shop standard. Nothing wrong but dont exoect them to last more than 5 washes.