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Needle, thread & fabric

Assalaamu alaikum! If you follow me on facebook you would have seen me talking about some abayas I designed and may even have seen some preview pictures of them, well today I'm just going to post full pictures of those abayas and some other stuff. Both abayas have been designed for parties and occasions and obviously not for everyday wear. I actually designed two abayas one which is sea green with a black lace layer on top and the other a light baby pink with a slit at one side revealing some peachy pink lace. The first is this black & sea green abaya This is actually a plain green silky satin type abaya and a black lace abaya which is a bit bigger and longer to be worn over the green one, so they can both be worn separately or with other things. I like clothes which I can change up, adapt and wear again to create a completely different outfit altogether, you'll see the black lace in action again later on in this post. The second abaya is a light baby pin

Review | Samias Treasures

Assalaamu alaikum ladies! I haven't done a review in a while soooo today I'm going to tell you about this little gem Samias Treasures (= [Click on the name to go straight to their FB page!] I was sent 2 hijabs and 2 brooches from their collection to review... First up are these gorgeous brooches! One thing that struck me when I first took these out of the package was just how sparkly they were, I actually struggled to take a good picture of them close up because the flash kept bouncing off the stones. The first brooch has a small in at the back which you attach to your clothes, it's in the shape of a ribbon with a bow at the end..very pretty indeed. The second pin is a kilt pin with diamonte's and a bow which has two dangly strands that move. I found the pin was a little blunt at the end which made it hard to get through my hijab, this isn't really a problem but can leave holes in delicate scarves, however, this can be easily fixed by usi

Review | Zaza's Grill

I used to attend Arabic grammar classes with two of my cousins in East London every Wednesday and after our last lesson last month my cousin and I decided to go and try out a Pakistani restaurant we used to pass all the time called Zaza's grill. From the outside the restaurant looked quite impressive, very clean, chic and great interior design. We thought it would be expensive judging from the look of the restaurant but after a quick glance at the menu was actually not too bad. We went inside and were shown to our seats (we didn't book beforehand), as soon as we were seated the waiters brought us the menu's and pretty soon after that brought over poppadoms, a variety of three sauces, water (which we didn't have to pay for) and were offered drinks. We were amazed with the speedy and friendly service. The only thing I would say I was a little disappointed about was the menu, we went in thinking the specialty of the restaurant was grilled food (hence the name) but

Spiritual | My journey to the Holy Cities

WARNING: Image heavy post Assalaamu alaikum WR WB! So I got back from my trip to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and yes it was an AMAZING experience like words cannot describe, ask anyone who has ever been. I mean how do you explain the feeling of walking in the footsteps of the prophets pbut and their companions, how do you put into words seeing the things you have read about in the Quran and seerah of the Prophet pbuh? It is the ultimate get away/holiday/spiritual break/once in a lifetime journey/ historical venture/ spiritually, physically and mentally cleansing trip that Muslim men and women from all over the world and all walks of life make or strive to make. I thought I would upload the pictures from each area and tell you a little bit about it. Heathrow to Jeddah international  These are just pictures at heathrow airport and on the plane journey there... Clouds over Europe Makkah Masjid-Al-Haram View from our hotel work -__- The beaut