Saturday, 10 March 2012

OOTD | Parties, Engagements, Food & Family

Salaam girls,

long time no post hey? Did ya miss me? =P jk, I've been a bit busy with my thesis which is due this Monday, alhamdulillah I'm almost done just got to do referncing and then print it...soooo I thought I would upload an outfit of the day post of what I wore to a little family get together at my cousins.

Also last week my aunts brother was getting engaged and in bengali engagements the grooms family sends gifts to the bride, including clothes with accessories as well as food platters and other stuff, it's a small thing (sometimes the bride & groom aren't even present) and we didn't go to the actual engagement but we just made the gifts to send, it's good fun and an excuse for all the girls to get together and get creative...with food usually lol. Anyway enjoy!


Engagement party gifts 

The Ferrero Roche pyramid was my creation =D was very proud of it mA lol everything else was credit to my aunties (=


  1. beautiful <3 Masha'allah ^_^

  2. Beautiful outfit xxx


  3. you look nice! and that ferrero pyramid is too cute mA :)


  4. you make really good gift ideas here. it's so nice that you get to plan despite your busy schedule in school. how did your thesis writing go? did you make the deadline? i know it must have been nerve wrecking.

    1. Passed the degree with a 2:1 and have been working as a qualified radiographer for just over a year now. How time flies (=

  5. congratulations! i hope i become as fortunate as you (: the gifts really are beautiful and clever