Sunday, 12 February 2012

My Everyday Winter Wear

Assalaamu alaikum sisters (=

So it's been snowing in London last couple of weeks and is absolutely FREEEZING!! SubhanAllah it's so cold, the other day our heating stopped working and I was literally shivering in my bed, made me remember all the homeless people and the people who live without heating because they can't afford it, I can't imagine the suffering they're going through. Our heating came back in the morning but my room just gets so cold for some reason, so as I write this my ears are feeling cold (yhp just my ears lol)

I had an exam on Friday which was ok alhamdulillah but inshaAllah I'll see how it really went when results come out, it snowed the night before and I was dreading getting there in the morning, so I got up, prayed fajr, got ready and left straight after to make it there on time. In my area there was a lot of snow and it was really cold so I wrapped up like an eskimo with my big wooley hooded scarf, my mittens and oversized hood coat (with loads of layers underneath) then I got to wear my uni was, got off the bus and the sun was shining, the roads and pavements were clear and I felt so overdressed (by overdressed I mean too wrapped up).

I've got literally 3 months to go before exams and assignments are officially over! Can't wait! but before then I have tonnes of work to do, please please please make du'a for me =( I'm really dreading it all. Going back to placement from Monday, which I'm not really looking forward to 9am-5pm on my feet running around, come home exhausted, work on dissertation then sleep and repeat -__- sucks the life outta you, really does.

Although it's really cold I like winter because I can layer up, it's a perfect time for a hijabi because you can never feel too hot, well not in this weather anyway, I love coats and gloves and scarves =D I did have to wear two pairs of socks though my feet get really cold. Below are pictures of what I wore (outer clothes) on Friday, it did actually keep me really warm alhamdulillah.

Coat: ASOS Marketplace
Wooley hooded scarf with pockets: Accessorize
Gloves/mittens: Either accessorize or the market can't remember, but they're super for texting because they're fingerless when you need them to be, otherwise you just cover your fingers with the flap (=

Not the same ones I have

Anyway ladies, wrap up warm and enjoy the winter iA =) do remember the homeless and less fortunate in your du'as.

Ma'salaama xxx


  1. Assalamu Alaikum Sis,

    Masha Allah, you are doing so well to be working, studying and producing a blog too (which I very much enjoy reading)! I'm on placement too, I have my coursework and dissertation on the go too, though that's about all I can manage, just!

    May Allah make it easy for you. Ask Allah for his help, take rest when you can, get some fresh air and eat well, in sha Allah you will get through it all in one piece!

    Please remember me in your du'as too Sis. Xx

  2. I love reading your blog and your fashion sense. The jacket here is something I need for the Windy City. Can you tell me the brand name or manufacturer? I would like to look them up and see if there are others out there. Thanks in advance. Peace be with you.