Saturday, 4 February 2012

15 Random Facts About Me


  1. Used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition: "wait for me!".
  2. Used after the verb “to be” and after “than” or “as”.

1- I hate being centre of attention

2- I love a cup of good ol' English tea with rich tea biscuits

3- I have a sweet tooth (major sweet tooth)

4- I'm an avid CSI fan (the sciency/detective side of me)

5- Not really into hugs, kisses, linking arms, holding hands and girly girly stuff like that

6- Seeing someone else with teary eyes makes me cry

7- Would like to think I'm quite laid back (maybe too laid back)

8- I like junk food (terrible, I know)

9- Not very fond of animals (especially cats)

10- I have a good relationship with my bed (which is probably not a good thing)

11- I choose elegance and simplicity over designer brands & expensive things

12- I can cook (enough to survive) I force people to eat it even if they don't like it lol, dont worry only my brothers and sisters

13- I feel sick from just spinning around on a spinning chair or even on the swing

14- I like notebooks and gift bags/boxes/wrapping paper/ribbons

15- I wore braces for 3 years (proper train track)

That was my 15 random facts about me...tell me about you! Leave a comment or a link to your blog


  1. I dont have a blog but I shall leave a comment on 15 random facts about me which are sort'vr similar to yours.. we're sisters so I thought I'd join in :)

    1. Im laid back (abit too much)

    2. I do have a very high temper (must learn to control it more :S)

    3. I love trying to copy hijab styles (need more practice, only know a few :P)

    4. I love the atmospheres when it comes to weddings (as im sure everyone else does)

    5. I have so many notebooks, organisers and lists for uni (yes, im a organising freak :P)

    6. Cannot go out without my phone (need it to contact friends and family for whenever I'm bored)

    7. Get bored very easily (need to be doing something to pass time)

    8. I'm guilty of having the BEST relationship with my bed (hate the alarm clock because it get's in the way)

    9. Have a sweet tooth(a very bad one lol)

    10. I can almost cook (still learning)

    11. Love art (best thing is drawing henna patterns on canvases)

    12. Love shopping (as any girl would :P)

    13. Very shy (but crazy with friends)

    14. Scared of animals( dogs are the worst, i have to cross the street is one is coming my way even with a leash on!!)

    and finally....

    15. I love this blog!! (my personal reading material)

    Thats 15 random facts about me :) keep the blogging xx