Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hijab Styles to Suit Round Faces

Since my 'hijab styles to suit your face shape' post I have had TONNES of e-mails from sisters telling me they have a round face and nothing suits them. Since I have been replying to each message individually telling people pretty much the same thing I thought I will do an update post for sisters who think they have a round face or chubby cheeks.

So one of the main mistakes I see people with this face shape making is tying their hijab really tight around their face and trying to tuck their cheeks in, as I said in the other post this only makes your cheeks stand out more. Try to go for loose drapey styles which skim the sides of your face rather than tight styles that bring your cheeks forward. See some examples of the style I'm talking about below...

Another thing you may want to try is to wear your underscarf/headband higher up on your forehead just below your hairline rather than have it going straight across your forehead. Avoid styles which go behind the angle of your jaw or pinned tightly under your chin, these also make your cheeks come forward. Below are some hijab styles to avoid for people with round faces or chubby cheeks...

If you want to cover more of your face you can do, just make sure your hijab is not tight.

So that's the only advice I can give you really. Please remember these are just my opinions, find something that suits you and that you are comfortable with, people will always say things to discourage you but inshaAllah have faith in Allah and remember why you want to wear hijab.

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  1. loads of thanks :)I think this one is going to help me a lot. jazak'Allah :)

  2. tanx alot it really helped considering my round face

  3. thanks considering round faces as mine. i'm not muslim, but i do love hijab . i think it's nice and a way to express feminine side.

  4. thanks a lot....i will try these....i have a round face with chubby cheeks......so i have a lot of trouble in setting my hijabb

  5. AoA,
    loved ur blog.. keep up the gr8 work grl <3
    ok so i luvvved the way the grl sitting in grass is wearing her hijab.(the vey frst pic u hv put up). Do u think u cud gv some easy tutorial for that or suggest a link where i cn learn?

    Lots of prayers for u

  6. thank you sis but where should I Pin my hijab and as I'm quite chubby how should I frame my scarf other than the Loose style So it Can be comfortable for Sch001 etc

    thaNk U sis xxx

  7. Salam sis
    Plz temme hw to wrap d sixth styl of hijab..i wanna learn hw to wra different hijab styles..plz show me more hijab styles covering d chest by putting a broch

  8. thnk you so much sister...this one will help me a alot... Jazak Allah khair