Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spiritual | The Muezzin

Two days ago the Muezzin of Finsbury Park masjid passed away 'inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon' (To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return)

My father along with with many people in the local area and from afar attended his janazah today.

The story goes...the Muezzin never missed a day to open the masjid at Fajr and give the adhaan. A pious, kind hearted man who never had a quarrel or conflict with another person. Today my father came home with stories about him, felt like I was listening to a story about one of the sahaba's. I never met him, yet when I thought of him from what my father told me I couldn't help but feel teary, like someone I actually knew had passed away.

All the people at the masjid only had words of praise and compliment because of his character mashaAllah. The janazah was attended by soo many people they could not all fit in the mosque to pray for him.

Through the cold snap, rain, hail sleet and snow he never failed to make it to the masjid before everyone to give the call to prayer and make sure the prayer started on time, until two days ago. When people arrived at the masjid for Fajr and realised it was not open they were concerned, as for almost the last decade he had been on time. The worshippers contacted the family to ask where he was and his wife went to call him. As she called him she realised he had returned to Allah in his sleep. His last prayer...Isha at the mosque.

I never met this man but heard his melodious voice echoing the praises to Allah, his testimony of faith and his call to the people through the heart of North London many times, I never knew he was a friends father and never knew my family knew him too. He had touched so many peoples hearts that today people from all backgrounds turned up for his Janazah.

How many of us can really say we treat people with such love and kindness the way our beloved Prophet (s.a.w) taught us? How many enemies have you made? How many times have you prayed at the masjid that people are concerned for you when you don't turn up one day? How many people will turn up at your Janazah and pray for you? Return to Allah before it's too late.

May Allah bless this amazing man and grant him a spacious garden in Jannat-ul-Firdous. May He bestow peace and tranquillity in the hearts of his family and give them patience at such a difficult time.

Please keep him and his family in your du'as...A loving husband, father & pillar of the community who will be greatly missed....The Muezzin.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Spiritual & Review | One Reason Dawah Gift Box

"Whoever directs (somebody) towards a good deed will receive the like of the reward granted to that person for practising that deed"- Sahih Muslim

Salaam girls!

I hope you are all in the best of health and imaan inshaAllah.

Today I received the one reason gift box by iERA, which I will give to a friend of mine at work inshaAllah. So for those of you who don't know what this is, it is basically a dawah pack in the form of a gift (the greatest gift ever! an invitation to Islam)

Inside the gift box you have a book which speaks about the reasoning behind the concept of God, One God and Islam, a booklet with various verses from the Quran with subheadings of what those verses relate to (i.e. social justice, environmental awareness etc), a CD (which I haven't tried yet so not sure whats on it), a leaflet which is sort of like a letter telling people what the gift box is and a box of Roses chocolates.

I have just finished reading the book 'the man in the red underpants' which is the book in this box and I have to say the title is a little strange but it is an amazing little eye opener and really gets you thinking about the concept of God, Islam and the Quran in a very logical sense.

The box is really sleek and sophisticated, looks like a great present to give to someone, not too feminine and not to masculine definitely a gift for any non-Muslim. All of the content is very well written by Abdur Raheem Green and doesn't just sound all 'preachy' which tends to put people off religion. It's written in an informal and informative way without sounding patronising or insulting.

I was at first unsure about getting this for my friend because she is a devout Catholic and does have a strong belief in God (or Jesus being God, not really sure), and I always thought this would be something you would give to an atheist or agnostic person. The book does sound very sciency, which is how atheists and agnostics like to look at the world and refute religion so that's good to convince someone of intelligent design and the concept of there being a Creator. But as you read on it does go on to explain things about Islam and the Quran, why and how it differs from other religions so it's good for anyone who is intellectual and is a seeker of knowledge, whether they believe in God or not.

The box costs 90p and the p&p £2.16 for 2nd class delivery, so overall £3.06 for a box of chocolates and some really good dawah material. They recommend that you read through the material and familiarise yourself with it so you can actually talk to the person you're giving it to about it and you can download the items for free by clicking here

Dawah is obligatory on every single Muslim, I know there is someone you know that asks you about why you wear hijab, where you disappear off to during your breaks, what you believe about Jesus (AS) etc this box is the perfect way to spread the miracle that is Islam. Don't let your opportunity slip away iA order yours today...!


Sunday, 19 February 2012

OOTD | Wedding Guest

I went to a wedding last night and wore a dress I bought for my cousins wedding last year (yes I wear A LOT of greens, teals & blues lol). I can't remember which shop I bought it from but it's a shop in Bethnal Green. The dress has an embroidered collar which you can't see because of the scarf. The silver scarf is from Hijab Fashion Shop, the sandle's from Unze London, the bag a random online store.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

My Everyday Winter Wear

Assalaamu alaikum sisters (=

So it's been snowing in London last couple of weeks and is absolutely FREEEZING!! SubhanAllah it's so cold, the other day our heating stopped working and I was literally shivering in my bed, made me remember all the homeless people and the people who live without heating because they can't afford it, I can't imagine the suffering they're going through. Our heating came back in the morning but my room just gets so cold for some reason, so as I write this my ears are feeling cold (yhp just my ears lol)

I had an exam on Friday which was ok alhamdulillah but inshaAllah I'll see how it really went when results come out, it snowed the night before and I was dreading getting there in the morning, so I got up, prayed fajr, got ready and left straight after to make it there on time. In my area there was a lot of snow and it was really cold so I wrapped up like an eskimo with my big wooley hooded scarf, my mittens and oversized hood coat (with loads of layers underneath) then I got to wear my uni was, got off the bus and the sun was shining, the roads and pavements were clear and I felt so overdressed (by overdressed I mean too wrapped up).

I've got literally 3 months to go before exams and assignments are officially over! Can't wait! but before then I have tonnes of work to do, please please please make du'a for me =( I'm really dreading it all. Going back to placement from Monday, which I'm not really looking forward to 9am-5pm on my feet running around, come home exhausted, work on dissertation then sleep and repeat -__- sucks the life outta you, really does.

Although it's really cold I like winter because I can layer up, it's a perfect time for a hijabi because you can never feel too hot, well not in this weather anyway, I love coats and gloves and scarves =D I did have to wear two pairs of socks though my feet get really cold. Below are pictures of what I wore (outer clothes) on Friday, it did actually keep me really warm alhamdulillah.

Coat: ASOS Marketplace
Wooley hooded scarf with pockets: Accessorize
Gloves/mittens: Either accessorize or the market can't remember, but they're super for texting because they're fingerless when you need them to be, otherwise you just cover your fingers with the flap (=

Not the same ones I have

Anyway ladies, wrap up warm and enjoy the winter iA =) do remember the homeless and less fortunate in your du'as.

Ma'salaama xxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hijab Styling | Easy Basic Hijab Style 2

Salaam ladies =D

This is a quick easy simple hijab step by step hijab tutorial on a style I used to do before I started doing it the way I do it now (which is really easy and you probably do it yourself so I haven't done a tutorial on it, but will do if you request it iA). This is a style that my mum wanted to learn as well so I think this will be beneficial for everyone who wants to do a style that stays in place with one no snag hijab pin and one staright pin.

Sorry for the mix match stuff my sister is wearing lol

Step 1

Wear your underscarf, you don't need to wear a neck covering for this because your neck will be covered but it's worn just for this tutorial.

Step 2

Fold in part of your hijab (roughly 1/4 or 1/3 depending on how wide your scarf is)

Step 3

Place the hijab on your head, one side short one side longer as seen above

Step 4

Take the hijab behind your head

Step 5

Cross over the hijab at the back 

Step 6

Wrap the short side of the hijab around your bun to keep it out of the way 

Step 7

Using a no snag hijab pin (or safety pin) and pin that down so it doesn't come down.

Step 8

Bring the long end of the hijab out and hold on to one side

Step 9

Take it back over your bun (so it covers your bun)

Step 10

Pin that side down with a straight hijab pin

Step 11

Once pinned down bring it over your head

Step 12

Bring the scarf across your chest and over your head

Step 13

Pin that side down

This is how it should look 

If you want to jazz your hijab up a bit so you can wear it for a party or wedding go back to step 10 and put on a headband.

Then follwo the rest of the steps.

This is how it would look with a headband

The bigger your hijab the more coverage you will get.

The end.

I hope that was clear inshaAllah, do leave some feedback on what you think of this style (=

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hijab Styles to Suit Round Faces

Since my 'hijab styles to suit your face shape' post I have had TONNES of e-mails from sisters telling me they have a round face and nothing suits them. Since I have been replying to each message individually telling people pretty much the same thing I thought I will do an update post for sisters who think they have a round face or chubby cheeks.

So one of the main mistakes I see people with this face shape making is tying their hijab really tight around their face and trying to tuck their cheeks in, as I said in the other post this only makes your cheeks stand out more. Try to go for loose drapey styles which skim the sides of your face rather than tight styles that bring your cheeks forward. See some examples of the style I'm talking about below...

Another thing you may want to try is to wear your underscarf/headband higher up on your forehead just below your hairline rather than have it going straight across your forehead. Avoid styles which go behind the angle of your jaw or pinned tightly under your chin, these also make your cheeks come forward. Below are some hijab styles to avoid for people with round faces or chubby cheeks...

If you want to cover more of your face you can do, just make sure your hijab is not tight.

So that's the only advice I can give you really. Please remember these are just my opinions, find something that suits you and that you are comfortable with, people will always say things to discourage you but inshaAllah have faith in Allah and remember why you want to wear hijab.

[No copyrite infringment intended, all images for demonstrative purposes only]

15 Random Facts About Me


  1. Used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition: "wait for me!".
  2. Used after the verb “to be” and after “than” or “as”.

1- I hate being centre of attention

2- I love a cup of good ol' English tea with rich tea biscuits

3- I have a sweet tooth (major sweet tooth)

4- I'm an avid CSI fan (the sciency/detective side of me)

5- Not really into hugs, kisses, linking arms, holding hands and girly girly stuff like that

6- Seeing someone else with teary eyes makes me cry

7- Would like to think I'm quite laid back (maybe too laid back)

8- I like junk food (terrible, I know)

9- Not very fond of animals (especially cats)

10- I have a good relationship with my bed (which is probably not a good thing)

11- I choose elegance and simplicity over designer brands & expensive things

12- I can cook (enough to survive) I force people to eat it even if they don't like it lol, dont worry only my brothers and sisters

13- I feel sick from just spinning around on a spinning chair or even on the swing

14- I like notebooks and gift bags/boxes/wrapping paper/ribbons

15- I wore braces for 3 years (proper train track)

That was my 15 random facts about me...tell me about you! Leave a comment or a link to your blog